Senior Physics 1 and 2

In this post, we will see the two volume book Senior Physics.

Volume 1 of the book was written by I. K. Kikoin and A. K. Kikoin, while Volume 2 was written by B. B. Bukhovtsev, Yu. L. Klimontovich and G. Ya. Myakishev.

About the books

The two books combined cover the most basic aspects of physics at school level. Using examples from daily life they explain various physical principles and laws. Part One of Senior Physics. This part deals mainly with mechanics. Starting with kinematics and statics we take a look at dynamical aspects of motion. The later part deal with various conservation laws in mechanics and their importance. Second part of Senior Physics. This part deals with thermodynamics, molecular physics and fundamentals of electrodynamics.

The books were translated from Russian by Natalia Wadhwa and were published in 1987 (Vol 1) and 1988 (Vol 2) by Mir Publishers.

PS. I had to spent a large amount of time and effort to get these books in their present state. The original scan was of very low resolution and insanely warped. To make the books readable I had to manually clean and fix each page separately and some needed pixel level editing. Though the results are ok (not satisfactory) they still have a very large file size both files are 100+ MB, the original is about 50MB. Till we get a better scan, hold onto these.

Credits to original uploader.

You can get the Volume 1 here (cleaned/optimised) and here (original).

You can get the Volume 2 here (cleaned/optimised) and here (original)..

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Volume 1


Introduction 9

Fundamentals of Kinematics

1. General Concepts of Motion Basic Problem of Mechanics 11
2. Nonuniform Rectilinear Motion Velocity May Change 39
3. Curvilinear Motion 59

Fundamentals of Dynamics

4. Laws of Motion 69
5. Forces in Nature 98
6. Application of the Laws of Dynamics 120
7. Fundamentals of Statics (Equilibrium of Bodies) 158

Conservation Laws in Mechanics

8. The Law of Conservation of Momentum 173
9. The Law of Conservation of Energy 184

On the Importance of Conservation Laws 220

Conclusion 222

Practical Work 230

Answers to Exercises 241

Index 243

Volume 2

Thermal Phenomena. Molecular Physics

Introduction 9

1. Fundamentals of Molecular Kinetic Theory 13
2. Temperature. Energy of Thermal Motion of Molecules 34
3. Equation of State for an Ideal Gas. Gas Laws 47
4. The First Law of Thermodynamics 58
5. Mutual Conversion of Liquids and Gases 81
6. Surface Tension in Liquids 91
7. Solids 99

Fundamentals of Electrodynamics. What is Electrodynamics? 12

8. Electrostatics 114
9. Direct Current 163
10. Electric Current in Various Media 186
11. Magnetic Field 220
12. Electromagnetic Induction 239

Conclusion 256
Practicals 257
Answers to Exercises 263

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3 Responses to Senior Physics 1 and 2

  1. Thank you Mitr. I was searching for Part 2 but didn’t find it anywhere; now finally I have it. Thanks.

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  2. fellowbaba says:

    Dear The Mitr;

    Following physics books are much needed:
    1. Atomic Physics- A N Maatveev
    2. Theoretical Mechanics- Nikitin

    Thanks in anticipation!


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