Clocks and Watches – Dlugolensky

In this post, we will see the book Clocks and Watches by Yakov Dlugolensky.


The book as the title suggests is about clocks and watches and time. We explore the variety of clocks and stories behind them.

The book is amazingly illustrated and will make any child’s imagination go places.

The book was published by Progress in 1982 and was translated from the Russian by Raissa Bobrova. The Amazing illustrations are by Vladimir Kulkov.

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All credits to Guptaji.

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2 Responses to Clocks and Watches – Dlugolensky

  1. Bundus says:

    Dear Mitr!

    Please upload the following titles if it possible:
    Isachenko et al., Heat Transfer, MIR, 1980 (81?) or 1986 (87?), (all 493. pages).

    Thanks for your help!


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