The Town In The Snuffbox and Old Father Frost – Odoyevsky

In this post, we will see a book having two children’s stories The Town In The Snuffbox and Old Father Frost by Vladimir Odoyevsky.


A contemporary of Pushkin and Gogol, the well-known Russian Prince Vladimir Odoyeusky (1804-1869) is the author of many works, including some extremely popular tales for children. Here are two of them, the delightful title story about Misha’s adventures with a musical snuff-box, and “Old Father Frost”, also highly entertaining and instructive.


The book is lavishly illustrated. The illustrations in the first story perhaps reminds one of Tim Burton’s imagery in his movies.

The book was published by Raduga in 1990. The amazing illustrations are by Alexander Koshkin and Natalia Polyanskaya.
PDF | OCR | Cover | 22.6 MB | 48 pp.
The Internet Archive link.
All credits to Guptaji for this book.

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