Albert Einstein’s Philosophical views and the Theory of Relativity – Gribanov

In this post, we will see the book Albert Einstein’s Philosophical Views and the Theory of Relativity by D. P. Gribanov. This book aims to bring out the place and role of philo­sophical science in the creation of the theory of relativity.


About the book:

This book presents the first integral treatment of the philosophical views of Albert Einstein and their influence on the origin and inter­pretation of the theory of relati­vity. It brings out the specific features of the philosophical com­ prehension of the theory of relativity m the world and Soviet literature, and analyses the influence of the new relativistic physical ideas in enriching and developing the tradi­tional philosophical categories of matter, space, time, and motion.

The book was first published by Progress Publishers in 1987 and was translated from the Russian by H. Campbell Creighton. The book was designed by Vyacheslav Serebryakov.

PDF | Cover | OCR | Bookmarked | 300 dpi (upscaled to 600 dpi) | 8.7 MB | 275 pp.

The Internet Archive link.

Thanks to gnowgi for the book.

Preface 11

Part One. Philosophical Problems of the Theory of Relativity in the World and Soviet Literature 13

Part Two. The Evolution of Einstein’s Philosophical Views 65

1. Philosophical Analysis of Classical Mechanics and Metaphysics 67
2. Einstein and the Concepts of Idealist Philosophy 96
3. The Substance of Einstein’s Philosophic views 114

Part Three. The Development of the Theory of Relativity and Philosophy 154

1. The Concept of Matter and the Development of Physics 155
2. Time, Space, and Motion in Physics and Philosophy 178
3. The Genesis of the Special Theory of Relativity and Philosophy 193
4. The Development of the General Theory of Relativity 217
5. The Philosophical Essence of Relativistic Physics 232

Conclusion 244
Bibliography 246
Name Index 250
Subject Index 254

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