Science for Everyone – Learning About Chemistry

... the goal of this book is to make the material about
 chemistry and its problems more understandable.

In this post we come to yet another book in the Science for Everyone series. This one is titled Learning About Chemistry by G. B. Shul’pin.


About the Book

This book is about chemistry, one of the most important sciences studied by humanity. It consists of a series of essays, each considering one field of chemistry, or a key notion, or an important compound. A feature of this book is that each essay is accompanied by descriptions of simple experiments, which can easily be performed at home. Some of the principles by which experimental data are processed, are considered, and the reader will see how the properties of unstudied substances can be predicted. Far from all branches of chemistry are covered within this small book. Nevertheless, the book touches upon many fields of chemistry, such as inorganic, organic, physical, colloid, biological, analytical and stereochemistry branches. The book will be of interest to senior pupils and chemistry teachers.

The book was translated from the Russian by Natalia Frosina and was published by Mir Publishers in 1989.

This is the comment that we received on an earlier post in SFE series.

A missing one is available now.
Science For Everyone – Learning About Chemistry – G B Shulpin
1. Pls add OCR as I dont have OCR software
2. Thanks goes to Scantailor – Amazing free software without which it is 
impossible to create clean scan files. All , consider donating whatever 
little you can in its Sourceforge page.

All credits to Gordon Freeman a.k.a. Mir Fan for this book!

We did cropping and OCR of Gordon’s copy. You can get the OCRed book below.

You can also get the book here (IA).

Password, if needed: mirtitles

Table of Contents

Foreword 6
Chemistry: the Science of Molecular Transformations 10
The Rate of Chemical Transformations 14
About Catalysis 25
How Much Iron Is There in Tap Water? 38
Chemical Reactions and an Electric Current 52
Rust as Seen by a Chemist 59
A Substance on the Surface or the Chemistry of Laundering 67
Why Is the Sky Blue? 76
Chemistry and Light 87
Yellow Dye from Black Carbon 98
Perfume from Naphthalene 111
The “Black Box” of Chemical Transformations 118
Chemical Puzzles and Paradoxes 126
Plasticine Electron Clouds 147
Theoretical Predictions 160
Types of Polymers 174
Why Is Rubber Elastic? 184
Our Food 191
Vitamins and Chemistry 203
Experiments with Medicines 210
Why Are Poisons Toxic? 217

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