The Moon and Man – Rebrov, Khozin

In this post, we will see the book The Moon and Man by M. Rebrov and G. Khozin.


About the book

The day is not far off when a spaceship will land on one of the moon’s vast plains and the first earthmen will step out onto lunar soil. Scientists and engineers are hard at work preparing for that great day. Automatic probes have reconnoitred the path to the moon, photographed its unseen side, taken close-up pictures of the visible side and answered questions the gravitational and magnetic fields and radiation belts in outer space. Several rockets have hit the moon. The next step is a manned trip to the earth’s natural satellite.
How men are preparing for a trip to the moon, what dangers astronauts may face there, and how astronautics may be expected to develop in future the subjects are some of the subjects discussed in this book.
The book was published before the moon landings by the Americans. So there is a lot of speculation involved, particularly from the Soviet perspective.
The book was translated from the Russian by Vladimir Talmy and was published by Peace in 1967.
By Way of an Introduction 9
1. The Promise of Outer Space 11
2. Moon Fables 18
3. Birth of a Dream 22
4. What We Know about the Moon 27
5. Hypotheses and Theories 34
6. Hazards of Outer Space 44
7. Automatic Explorers 48
8. Leaving the Earth 59
9. Rocket Engines 69
10.The Path to the Moon 77
11. Moon Projects 84
12. Robots on the Moon 102
13. The First Men on the Moon 106
14 The Call of the Cosmos 115

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