Anton Pavlovich Chekov (Soviet Literary Criticism) – Yermilov

In this post, we will see the book Anton Pavlovich Chekhov by Vladimir Yermilov.

About the book

The book is a comprehensive critique of Chekhov’s works and life.

Translated from the Russian by Ivy Litvinov
Designed by Y. Gannushkin

Published by Foreign Languages Publishing House in 1960s (exact year is not known).

You can get the book here.

Original scan by DLI here.

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“There Was No Childhood in My Childhood” 7
Inklings of Talent 19
“Good-Bye, Homel Good-Bye to the Old Life!” 24
Head of the Family 33
In Those Far-Off, Remote Times 41
The Dance of the “Dragon-flies” 44
Birth of an Innovator. The Ugly Duckling 47
The Satirist 61
The Master 84
His Friends and Foes 107
The Great Worker. What Is Talent? 148
Hard Times 170
Loving Foe 199
Death of a Brother 211
The Ruling Principle 215
Distant Journey 220
Melikhovo 234
Protest 238
“We live on the Eve of a Great Triumph” 247
The Not-Heroes 250
“It Is Impossible To Go On Like This” 295
“I Have Believed in Progress Since My Childhood” 300
Fighting “The Evil One” 304
Happiness Lies in the Future! 308
The Sea-gull 329
Everything Must Be Beautiful about the Human Being! 349
The Failure of The Sea-gull 364
The Dreyfus Case 369
Encounter with the Art Theatre 373
Yalta 377
Before the Storm 386
“‘Welcome, New Life!** 393
In 1904 411


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