Problems in Reactor Shielding Physics – Broder et al (Eds.)

In this post, we will see the book Problems in reactor shielding physics – Collection of articles by D. L. Broder, V. V Orlov, S. G. Tsypin, A. P. Veselkin, Yu. A. Yegorov.

About the book

This collection of articles includes works which are
concerned with the experimental and theoretical investigation of the biological shielding of nuclear reactors as
well as works on the methodology and instruments for studying the shielding.

The works consider different analytical methods which
make it possible to determine the three-dimensional energy
and angular distribution of radiations in the shielding,
the results of many experiments with radiations penetrating through homogeneous and multilayer shieldings through
shieldings with heterogeneities and others.

Some of the works describe various devices to determine the fluxes and the spectral radiation distribution
beyond the shielding and inside the shielding. These
works also consider the method of analyzing the characteristics of devices and the process of measurement results.

This collection will be useful to a wide circle of
readers concerned with the analysis and design of biological shielding of reactors and to specialists interested
in the transmission of radiations through a substance, as
well as to those working in the field of experimental
nuclear physics.

Translation of “Voprosy fiziki zashchity reaktorov. Sbornik statey.”

Gosatomizdat, Moscow, 1963, translated by NASA.

You can get the book here.

Original scan by NASA Tech Docs.

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Annotation ill

Preface v



The Neutron Danger Functions in the Analysis of Shielding From Radiation 1
A. A. Abagyan, V. V. Orlov and G. I. Rodionov

Three-dimensional Energy Distribution of Fast Neutrons in Hydrogen 27
Sh. S. Nikolayshvlll

Three-dimensional Distribution of Neutrons in an Infinite Homogeneous Medium with a Point Unidirectional Source 36
A. P. Suvorov, Ye. B. Breshenkova and V. V. Orlov

Application of the Method of “Removal Cross Sections” to Analysis of Shielding Without Hydrogen 70
D. L. Broder, A. A. Kutuzov, V. V. Levin and V. V. Frolov

Experimental Justification for the Multiple Group Methods in the Computation of Biological Shielding 81
D. L. Broder, A. P. Kondrashov, A. A. Kutuzov, V. A. Naumov, Yu. A. Sergeyev and A. V. Turusova

Application of Empirical Data to the Calculation of Shielding 99
B. I. Sinitsyn and S. G. Tsypin

Computation of Neutron Diffusion in a Two-dimensional Problem by Means of the P_{2} approximation 117
G. Ya. Rumyantsev

Investigation of the Accuracy of Various Approximations in the Problem of Three-dimensional Energy and Angular Distribution of Neutrons 125
V. M. Veselov

Application of Conjugate Equations to the Calculation of Radiation Shielding 141
G. I. Marchuk and Zh. N. Bel’skaya

Attenuation of Fast Neutrons in Nonhydrogen Moderators 146
B.R. Bergel’son

Angular Distribution of Neutrons at Small Distances from the Source in an Isotropically Scattering Medium 152
V. A. Kon’shin

The Question of Radiation Source Geometry l6l
D. L. Broder, Ye. N. Goryanina, G. M. Levis, K. K. Popkov and S. M. Rubanov

Attenuation of Radiation in Heterogeneous Shieldings I7I
N. I. Laletin

Selection of a System of Functions for the Excitation of Levels During Elastic Scattering of Neutrons by Iron, Nickel and Niobium Nuclei 192
D. L. Broder, A. I. Lashuk, I. P. Sadokhin and A. P. Suvorov

Representation of Decay Curves for Fission Fragments by Functions of a Given Form (e^{bt}) 207
V. I. Lebedev, P. Ye. Stepanov

The Spectrum of Gamma-radiation Produced by the Products of Uranium Fission. Effective Absorption Coefficients for the Gamma-ray Spectrum and Their Utilization for the Computation of Shielding 211
V. P. II’in

Average Cross Sections of the Reaction for the Gamma-spectrum of Fission Fragments 238
V. Kh. Tokhtarov

Application of the Monte Carlo Method for Computing Nuclear Radiation Shielding 247
V. G. Zolotukhln and S. M. Yennakov



Three-dimensional Energy Distribution of Neutrons In Thick Iron Layers 263
V. P. Mashkovlch, V. K. Sakharov and S. G. Tsypin

Deformation of Fast Neutron Spectruim in Concrete and Water 276
Yu. A. Yegorov

Shielding Properties of Certain Types of Concretes 280
V. N. Avayev, G. A. Vasil’yev, A. P. Veselkin, Yu. A. Yegorov, A. D. Zhirnov, V. A. Kucheryayev, Yu. V. Orlov, Ye. A. Panov and Yu. V. Pankrat’yev

The Transmission of Gamma-radiation Through Heterogeneous Media 287
D. L. Broder, Yu. P. Kayurin, A. A. Kutuzov

The Gamma-spectrum of the Experimental Reactor 300
V. N. Avayev, Yu. A. Yegorov, I. Ya. Yemel’yanov^ A. D. Zhirnov Yu. V. Orlov and V. A. Remizov

The Inclined Incidence of Gamma-rays 304
V. I. Kukhtevich and L. A. Trykov

Investigation of the Spectral and Angular Distribution of Gamma-rays After Transmission Through Shielding Barriers 311
A. V. Larichev

Field Doses and the Angular Distribution of Gamma-radiation from the Surface of Isotropic Sources at the Boundary Separating two Media 316
L. P. Kimel

The Three-dimensional Distribution of Scattered Energy from a Point Unidirectional Source 322
L . P . Kimel ‘ and . I . Leypunskiy

The Difference in the Spectra of Gamma-rays Diiring Radiation Capture of Thermal Neutrons and of Neutrons with the Reactor Spectrum 331
A. T. Bakov, S. P. Belov-, Yu. A. Kazanskiy and V. I. Popov

Transmission of Gamma-radiation Through a Flat Slit in Shielding 336
A. P. Veselkin, Yu. A. Yegorov and Ye. A. Panov

Heat Liberation in Reactor Screens and Vessels 344
D. L. Erode r, A. P. Kondrashov, V. A. Naumov, K. K. Popkov and A. V. Turusova



Investigation of Neutron Transmission Through Shielding by Means of Unidirectional Sources (the B-2 Installation) 357
S. G. Tsypin

Experimental Methods of Investigating Shielding (Radiation Detectors) 372
V. A. Dulin, Yu. A. Kazanskiy and Ye. S. Matusevich

Counters and Dosimeters for Investigating Shielding and the Shielding Properties of Materials 385

V. N. Avayev, G. A. Vasil’yev, Yu. A, Yegorov, V. A. Kucheryayev, Yu. V. Orlov, Yu. V. Pankrat’yev and Ye. A. Panov

Application of Radioactive Tracers in the Investigation of Shielding 400
V. N. Avayev, Ye. V. Voskresenskiy, Yu. A. Yegorov and Yu, V. Orlov

Measiirement of Fast Neutron Fluxes in Shielding when There is a BackgroTond of Intense Intermediate Neutron Fluxes 409
V. P. Mashkovich

Application of Random Sampling to the Computation of Spectrometer Characteristics for Gamma-radiation and fast Neutrons 4l5
V. N. Avayev, Yu. A. Yegorov and Yu. V. Orlov

Calculation and Analysis of the Characteristics of a Spectrometer with Boron-hydrogen Scintillator 428
V. N. Avayev, Yu. A. Yegorov, Yu. V. Orlov, A. S. Frolov and N. N. Chentsov

Single Crystal Ffeist Neutron Spectrometer for lyfeasuring Continuous Spectra 451
Yu. A. Yegorov and Yu. V. Pankrat’yev

Permissible Gamma Background Radiation when Jfeasiiring Fast Neutrons with a Single Sensor Spectrometer 460
Yu. A. Yegorov, Yu. V. Orlov and Yu. V. Pankrat’yev

The Gamma- spectrometer Based on the Formation of Electron-positron Pairs 464
V. N. Avayev, Yu. A. Yegorov and Yu. V. Orlov

Application of a Single Crystal Gamma-spectrometer for Taking Measurements on a Nuclear Reactor 474
Yu. A. Yegorov. and Yu. V. Orlov

Strength of Special Composition Concrete at High Temperatures (400-800°C) 486
I. A. Arshinov

Physical and Mschanical Properties of Concrete with Serpentine Fillers 5OO
I. A. Arshinov


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