Childhood, Boyhood, Youth – Lev Tolstoi

In this post, we will see the trilogy Childhood, Boyhood, Youth by Lev Tolstoi.

About the book

Leo Tolstoy began his trilogy, Childhood, Boyhood, Youth, in his early twenties. Although he would in his old age famously dismiss it as an ‘awkward mixture of fact and fiction’, generations of readers have not agreed, finding the novel to be a charming and insightful portrait of inner growth against the background of a world limned with extraordinary clarity, grace and colour. Evident too in its brilliant account of a young person’s emerging awareness of the world and of his place within it are many of the stances, techniques and themes that would come to full flower in the immortal War and Peace and Anna Karenina, and in the other great works of Tolstoy’s maturity.

The book was translated from Russian (translator’s name is not mentioned)  and was designed by D. Bisti. The book was published in 1963 by Foreign Languages Publishing House.

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Chapter I. The Tutor, Karl Ivanich 11
Chapter II. Mamma 17
Chapter III. Papa 20
Chapter IV. Lessons 24
Chapter V. The Pilgrim 28
Chapter VI. Preparations for the Hunt 33
Chapter VII, The Hunt 35
Chapter VIII. Games 40
Chapter 1X. Something Like First Love 42
Chapter X. What Kind of a Man Was My Father? 44
Chapter XI. In the Study and the Drawing Room 46
Chapter XII. Grisha 50
Chapter XIII. Natalya Savishna 53
Chapter XIV. Parting 57
Chapter XV. Childhood 62
Chapter XVI. Verses 65
Chapter XVII. Princess Kornakova 71
Chapter XVIII, Prince Ivan Ivanich 75
Chapter XIX. The Ivins 80
Chapter XX. We Have Visitors 87
Chapter XXI. Before the Mazurka 92
Chapter XXII, The Mazurka 96
Chapter XXIII. After the Mazurka 99
Chapter XXIV. In Bed 103
Chapter XXV. The Letter 105
Chapter XXVI. What Awaited Us in the Country 110
Chapter XXVII. Sorrow 113
Chapter XXVIII. The Last Sad Memories 118


Chapter I. A Journey without Relays 131
Chapter II. The Thunder-Storm 138
Chapter III. New Views 143
Chapter IV. In Moscow 147
Chapter V. The Elder Brother 149
Chapter VI. Masha 152
Chapter VII. Shot 154
Chapter VIII. Karl Ivanich’s. History 158
Chapter IX. Continuation of the Preceding 162
Chapter X. Continuation 166
Chapter XI. Bad Marks 168
Chapter XII. The Little Key 174
Chapter XIII. The Traitress 176
Chapter XIV. Eclipse 178
Chapter XV. Reverie 181
Chapter XVI. No Meal without Grinding 185
Chapter XVII. Hatred 190
Chapter XVIII. The Maids’ Room 192
Chapter XIX. Boyhood 197
Chapter XX. Volodya 201
Chapter XXI. Katenka and Lyubochka 204
Chapter XXII. Papa 206
Chapter XXIII Grandmamma 209
Chapter XXIV. I 211
Chapter XXV. Volodya’s Friends 212
Chapter XXVI. Discussions 214
Chapter XXVII. The Beginning of Friendship 219


Chapter I. What I Consider the pean of My Youth 225
Chapter II. Spring 226
Chapter III. Reveries 230
Chapter IV. Our Family Circle 234
Chapter V. Rules Bon 238
Chapter VI. Confession 240
Chapter VII. The Trip to the Monastery 242
Chapter VIII. A Second Confession 246
Chapter 1X. How I Prepare for Examination 248
Chapter X. The History Examination 251
Chapter XI. The Mathematics Examination 256
Chapter XII, The Latin Examination 260
Chapter XIII. I Am Grown Up 263
Chapter XIV. How Volodya and Dubkov Occupied Themselves 269
Chapter XV. My Success Is Celebrated 273
Chapter XVI. The Quarrel 277
Chapter XVII. I Prepare To Pay Some Calls 282
Chapter XVIII. The Valakhins 285
Chapter XIX. The Kornakovs 291
Chapter XX, The Ivins 294
Chapter XXI. Prince Ivan Ivanich 298
Chapter XXII. An Intimate Conversation with My Friend 301
Chapter XXIII. The Nekhlyudovs 306
Chapter XXIV. Love 311
Chapter XXV. I Become Better Acquainted 316
Chapter XXVI. I Show Myself at my Best 321
Chapter XXVII. Dmitri 325
Chapter XXVIII. In the Country 330
Chapter XXIX. Our Attitude to the Girls 335
Chapter XXX. My Occupations 340
Chapter XXXI. Comme II Faut 344
Chapter XXXII. Youth 347
Chapter XXXIII. Neighbours 354
Chapter XXXIV. Father’s Marriage 358
Chapter XXXV. How We Received the News 362
Chapter XXXVI. University 367
Chapter XXXVII. Affairs of the Heart 372
Chapter XXXVIII. Society 375
Chapter XXXIX, The Carouse 378
Chapter XL. My Friendship with the Nekhlyudovs 382
Chapter XLI. My Friendship with Nekhlyudov 386
Chapter XLII. The Stepmother 391
Chapter XLII. New Comrades 397
Chapter XLIV. Zukhin and Semenov 404
Chapter XLV. I Fail 410

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