My Animal Book – Charushin

In this post, we will see My Animal Book by Yevgeny Charushin.

The book has some really beautiful paintings of animals in their natural habitat. It has three “parts”

The Animals of Hot and Cold Lands 3
In the Woods 29
In Our Yard 51

Each animal has a small description of its habits and habitats.

There are some fantastic full page paintings, and some are spread over two pages!

PS: Loud Thinking: Sometimes I feel there should be a separate/dedicated blog for just the illustrations in Soviet books. What do you think?

There is no information on the illustrator, but it should be N. Charushin, as there are some paintings which are common to this and A Bookful of Beasts by Vladimir Mayakovsky. The book was published by Progress in 1980.

You can get the book here and here.

All credits to Guptaji.

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