Elementary Particles – Sokolov

In this post, we will see the book Elementary Particles by A. A. Sokolov.

About the book

The book introduces ideas of quantum mechanics and elementary particles. The book first discusses the concept of elementary particles, and then proceeds to covering the prediction of the positron by Dirac and its experimental discovery. Next, the selection talks about nucleons and pions, along with beta-disintegration and the discovery of the neutrino. The next chapter deals with the problem of non-conservation of parity. The last chapter covers resonons. The book will be of great interest to physicists, particularly those who specialize in quantum mechanics.

The book was translated from the Russian by William E. Jones and was published in 1964.

You can get the book here.



Prediction of the positron by Dirac and its experimental discovery

Nucleons and pions (nuclear field quanta)

Beta-disintegration and the discovery of the neutrino

The problem of non-conservation of parity

“Abandoned and strange” particles; “resonons”


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