The Activity of Cosmonauts – Zavalova, Ponamarenko

In this post we will see the book The Activity of Cosmonauts by N. D. Zavalova and V. A. Ponomarenko.

About the book:

The problems faced by cosmonauts in space are unique in many respects. Isolation, prolonged inactivity, the need to be constantly alert, weightlessness – all of these
factors create frequently unusual sensations and illusions which cannbe dangerous if the cosmonaut does not recognize the problem and deal adequately with it. The work contains abstracts of numerous Soviet papers on spacecraft simulator experiments involving isolation, hypokinesia, and other stressful situations.

The book is a part of NASA technical translation and was published in 1972.

Translation of: “Deyatel’ nost’ Kosmonavta,” Material  for Chapter 4, Volume 2, Part 4 of the work: Osnovy Kosmicheskoy Biologii i Medisiny [Foundations of Space Biology and Medicine], Moscow, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, 1970, 160 pages.

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Section 1

General Characteristics of the Conditions and Features of Activity of Cosmonauts 1

Section 2

Indices and Methods of Studying Working Ability 19

Section 3

Factors Determining Efficiency and Reliability of Activity 47

Section 4

Information Analysis and the Making of Decisions by the Individual 68

Section 5

The Man-Machine Problem 90

References 115

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