Electricity and Magnetism – Matveev

We now come to a long awaited book by A. N. Matveev. Sometime back we had seen his Mechanics and Theory of Relativity. In this post we will see Electricity and Magnetism. This book is a part of 5 book course by A. N. Matveev.


This course reflects the present level of advancement in science and takes into account the changes in the general physics curriculum.

About the book:

This course mainly aims at the description of the experimental substantiation of the theory of electromagnetism and the formulation of the theory in the local form, i.e. in the form of relations between physical quantities at the same point in space and time. In most cases, these relations are expressed in the form of differential equations. However, it is not the differential form but the local nature which is important. Consequently, the end product of the course are Maxwell ‘s equations obtained as a result of generalization and mathematical formulation of experimentally established regularities. Consequently, the analysis is mainly based on induction. This, however, does not exclude the application of the deductive method but rather presumes the combination of the two methods of analysis in accordance with the principles of scientific perception of physical laws.

The book was translated from the Russian by Ram Wadhwa and Natalia Deineko. The book was first published by Mir Publishers in 1986.

Many thanks to Vikram V. for making this book available.

Note: Original cover was not available in hi-res, so I made a new one. Also, unlike many other of Matveev books  in this series (for example in Optics) this version of the book does not have “coloured text headings”, it might be possible some other version of this book has them. We will see Optics by Matveev sometime in future as I have a physical copy. The other two remaining volumes, namely Molecular Physics and Atomic Physics (even rarer, as supposedly only ~ 300 copies were printed in English) are as elusive as they get. If anyone has access to these please give a life back to these books.

PDF | OCR | 600 dpi | Bookmarked | Paginated | Cover | 450 Pages| 42.3 (38.3 Zipped) MB

You can get the book here and here.

Password, if needed: mirtitles


Preface 5

Introduction 13

Chapter 1. Charge. Field. Force

Sec. 1. Microscopic Charge Carriers 15
Sec. 2. Charged Bodies. Electrostatic Charging 19
Sec. 3. Elementary Charge and Its Invariance 26
Sec. 4. Electric Current 30
Sec. 5. Law of Charge Conservation 35
Sec. 6. Coulomb’s Law 42
Sec. 7. Superposltlon Principle 50
Sec. 8. Magnetic Field 53
Sec. 9. Lorentz Force. Ampere Force 58
Sec. 10. Biot-Savart Law 63
Sec. 11. Field Transformation 69

Chapter 2. Constant Electric Field

Sec. 12. Constant Electric Field 76
Sec. 13. Differential Form of Coulomb’s Law 77
Sec. 14. Potential Nature of Electrostatic Field 82
Sec. 15. Electrostatic Field in Vacuum 94
Sec. 16. Electrostatic Field in the Presence of Conductors 100
Sec. 17. Electrostatic Field in the Presence of a Dielectric 129
Sec. 18. Energy of Electrostatic Field 148
Sec. 19. Forces in an Electric Field 156

Chapter 3. Dielectrics

Sec. 20. Local Field 172
Sec. 21. Nonpolar Dielectrics 175
Sec. 22. Polar dielectrics 177
Sec. 23. Ferroelectrics 183
Sec. 24. Piezoelectrics 187

Chapter 4. Direct Current

Sec. 25. Electric Field in the Case of Direct Currents 191
Sec. 26. Extraneous Electromotive Forces 195
Sec. 27. Differential Form of Joule’s Law. Work Done During the Passage of Current and Power Developed 202
Sec. 28. Linear Circuits. Kirchhoff’ s Laws 206
Sec. 29. Currents in a Continuous Medium 209
Sec. 30. Earthing of Transmission Lines 213

Chapter 5. Electrical Conductivity

Sec. 31. Electrical Conductivity of Metals 218
Sec. 32. Electrical Conductivity of Liquids 225
Sec. 33. Electrical Conductivity of Gases 228
Sec. 34. Electric Current in Vacuum 232

Chapter 6. Stationary Magnetic Field

Sec. 35. Ampere’s Circuital Law 240
Sec. 36. Maxwell’s Equations for a Stationary Magnetic Field 245
Sec. 37. Vector Potential 247
Sec. 38. Magnetic Field in the Presence of Magnetics 254
Sec. 39. Forces in a Magnetic Field 270

Chapter 7. Magnetics

Sec. 40. Diamagnetics 277
Sec. 41. Paramagnetics 282
Sec. 42. Ferromagnetics 287
Sec. 43. Gyromagnetic Effects 295

Chapter 8. Electromagnetic Induction and Quasi-stationary Alternating Currents

Sec . 44. Currents Induced in Moving Conductors 300
Sec. 45. Faraday’ s Law of Electromagnetic Induction 304
See. 46. Differential Form of the Law of Electromagnetic Induction 306
See. 47. Magnetic Field Energy 309
See. 48. Quasi-stationary A.C. Circuits 323
Sec. 49. Work and Power of Alternating Current 334
Sec. 50. Resonances in A.C. Circuits 343
Sec. 51. Mutual Inductance Circuit 347
Sec. 52. Three-Phase Current 353
Sec. 53. Skin Effect 357
Sec. 54. Four – Terminal Networks 361
Sec. 55. Filters 366
Sec. 56. Betatron 369

Chapter 9. Electromagnetic Waves

Sec. 57. Displacement Current 376
Sec. 58. Maxwell’s Equations 381
Sec. 59. The Law of Conservation of Electromagnetic Energy. Energy Flux. 383
Sec. 60. Transmission of Electromagnetic Energy along Transmission Lines 385
Sec. 61 . Electromagnetic Wave Radiation 392
Sec. 62. Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in Dielectrics 405
Sec. 63. Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in Conducting Media 409
Sec. 64. Invariance of a Plane Wave. 413
Sec. 65. Pressure of Electromagnetic Waves, Photon Momentum 415
Sec. 66. Waveguides and Resonators 418

Chapter 10. Fluctuations and Noises

Sec. 67. Fluctuations in a Current-Carrying Loop. Resistance Noise 429
Sec. 68. Schottky Noise and Current Noise 436

Appendices 440

Subject Index 440

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35 Responses to Electricity and Magnetism – Matveev

  1. Chaitanya Tejaswi says:

    Dear damitr I’d like to share a with you a good way to download djvu files (instead of pdf) from archive.org ::(For Google Chrome) For a link like https://archive.org/details/MatveevElectricityAndMagnetism 1. Right click on DJVU file hyperlink &select “Open in new tab” 2. Quickly hover to that tab & stop loading that page (otherwise u’d open the djvu applet) 3. Now u’d have a link as https://archive.org/stream/MatveevElectricityAndMagnetism/Matveev-Electricity-and-Magnetism.djvu 4. Simply replace “stream” with “download” & press enter. I hope this’d be helpful. I’m a student in senior highchool year & have benefitted a lot from ur uploads. Thanks a lot ;keep going.


    • The Mitr says:

      To get direct link for all files on Internet Archive, click on All Files: HTTPS link on the page. You can find it just below the DJVU link on the page. Clicking on this would give you all possible formats for downloads, including the scans of the pages as separate images.



  2. Lyozsi says:

    Hi The Mitr,
    I think you’re doing a great work preserving these excellent works of soviet science for the future. When an empire collapses, no matter how lucky it is that it does, it’s always a pity of the cultural achievements to go down with it.
    On a more concrete tone: do you happen to have a file of Quantum mechanics, by Sokolov, Ternov and Zhukovskii, published in 1988 by MIR?


  3. m95 says:

    we r grateful for this nice post


  4. Jovan says:


    Thank you so much for you effort, it cannot be put in words how good of a thing you’re doing uploading these books. I wanted to ask you if there is a chance for Matveev’s Optics to be uploaded in the recent future. Believe me, an entire generation of physics student would be very grateful to you, I know it since me and all of my colleagues are trying to find it.

    Anyway, thank you once again, and keep up the tremendous work that you’re doing!



    • The Mitr says:

      Thanks for the kind words Jovan. Yes you will definitely see Optics, but it will take some time as I am super busy with my dissertation right now. Perhaps sometime in late summer you will see that wonderful volume.



      • ggiiuulliio says:

        good luck with your dissertation!
        i’m truly grateful and i wanted to thank you so much for all of your work, those books are so beatiful that it would be a shame just to forget them. We don’t want library of alexandria vol2 !!
        I’m currently studyng from Irodov (i bought a physical book) and integrating from this beatiful book of Matveev. But I can’t find anyware a copy of optics from matveev, it would be so nice if you could upload it!

        thank you so much


  5. Hi MIR! An excellent job. Many Thanks. U want Optics and Atomic Physics by A. N Matveev (in English version) in Archive.


  6. It is a mistake. I want to say “I want Optics and Atomic Physics by A N Matveev…”, I have no, but if u have. kindly upload in archive.


  7. André says:

    Great Mitr!!!


  8. Siddharth says:

    I would like to know from which source did you get the information that only 300 copies of Molecular Physics & Atomic Physics books of Matveev were printed in English


  9. Ankit Nigam says:

    thanks very much !! can anyone upload BN Ivanov


  10. hank says:

    thank you for making this website happen–
    I request you to upload optics by matveev. please let me know if you plans to do it any time soon.
    thank you


  11. mathphy says:

    Please upload Optics by A.N. Matveev. It would be very helpful.


  12. mathphy says:

    Please upload “Optics” by Matveev. It will be very helpful. Please.


  13. Karteek says:

    Hello, There is abook named “problems in mathematics with hints and solutions” Do you have a soft copy of the same ? If yes, please upload


  14. Amit says:

    A.N. Matveev’s Optics is available here:

    Click to access matveev-optics.pdf


  15. Amit says:

    Matveev; Optics is now available here:

    Click to access matveev-optics.pdf


  16. Pingback: Optics – Matveev | Mir Books

  17. mir fan says:

    there must be more than 300 copies of molecular physics,as i have around 10 copies


  18. H B says:


    Mitr, Thank you for your effort in keeping up this site. It means a lot to us older students (who grew up studying Irodov, Piskunov etc.)

    I would like to point out that Matveev’s Molecular Physics is available at archive.org now:


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