Elementary Order: Mendeleev’s Periodic System

In this post we look at another book by I. V. Petryanov and D. N. Trifonov (whom we have met earlier in a Science for Everyone book titled Silhouttes of Chemistry) This book traces the history of development of periodic table and is titled Elementary Order: Mendeleev’s Periodic System.

Also we see how we have developed a better and deeper understanding of the order in elements after advent of quantum mechanics .

The book was translated from Russian by Nicholas Weinstein and was first published by Mir in 1984.

You can get the book here.

Update: 06 December 2015 | Added Internet Archive Link

Many thanks to gnv64 for this book.


How the Elements Were Reduced to Order 7
The Arduous Road Travelled by the Periodic Law 29
The Periodic Law is the Law of Atomic Structure 56
Artificial Elements 102
Foretelling the Future 132
The Omnipresent Law of Periodicity 151

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2 Responses to Elementary Order: Mendeleev’s Periodic System

  1. Srinivas says:

    The print is not very clear. The pages are very blurred and the images are not clear either. If it is possible could you pl upload a clearer version.



  2. The Mitr says:

    Update: 06 December 2015 | Added Internet Archive Link


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