Experiments Without Explosions

We now see another wonderful book in chemistry titled Experiments Without Explosions by O. M. Olgin.

The book consists of six parts. The first part contains advice on how to set up a home laboratory, and preliminary instructions that are essential for any beginning chemist on how to work, and the dos and don’ts of chemistry. The other five parts of this book describe the experiments, experiments without explosions. In order to separate the groups of experiments, and make it easier for the reader to select an experiment, each part is divided into chapters.

Many thanks to gnv64 for this book.

You can get the book here.

Update: 23 December 2015, Added Internet Archive Link

Preface 5

1 The Home Laboratory 14

2 The First Experiments 31
Drawing with Iodine 31
Home-Made Indicators 32
Extraction 36
Experiments with Gases 38
Oxidation-Reduction 42
Adsorption 46
Dry Cleaning 50
Washing Clothes 53
A Soap Candle 58
Chalk, Marble, Eggshell 61
Electrolysis in a Glass 63
Tin and Lead 69
Aluminium, Chromium, and Nickel 74
Experiments with Copper Wire 77
Smoke Without Fire 80

3 Let’s Look into the Cupboard 87

Experiments with Protein 88
Experiments with Carbohydrates 91
Sugar from Sawdust 98 A Cup of Tea 104
Let’s Make Use of Bones! 108
Why Berries Release Juice 113
Summertime Experiments 118
How Much Vitamin C Does an Apple Contain? 121
Almonds—Bitter and Sweet 127

4 Business with Pleasure 131
Oil Paints 131
Pigments 135
Watercolours 142
How to Fight Corrosion 148
How to Paint Without Paints 151
Electroplating 156
Galvanoplastics 161
Noble Patina 165
Glass and Enamel 168
Home-Made Plasticine and Sealing Wax 174
Let Us Silver a Mirror! 178

5 Sleight of Hand 185
Spoon-Rectifier 185
Light a Lamp with a Match! 189
The Long Service Life of a Battery 195
Sources of Current from Stuff at Hand 198
All Crystals, Big and Small 203
Crystal Patterns 209
A Plate Bearing Riches 212
How to Make the Invisible Visible 214
Simple Tricks 218
A Chemical Clock 223
A Rainbow Without the Sun 226
Luminous Solutions 228
The Luminescence of Solid Bodies 221
A Fantastic Bouquet of Flowers 232

6 With Your Own Eyes 235
Experiments with Enzymes: Oxidases and Peroxidases 236
Experiments with Enzymes: Dehydrogenases 243
Experiments with Enzymes: Amylases 247
And Not Only Amylase 251
Chromatography at Home 253
The Ray of Light Fell on the Crystal 258
An Unusual Photograph 262
Caution! High Speed! 266
Artificial Fibres 277
A Chemical Watchman 280

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    A lot of thanks for this nice post…………..v good work


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    Update: 23 December 2015, Added Internet Archive Link


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