Physics for Everyone – Motion and Heat

We have tried to write this book in a light and simple style, not denying ourselves the pleasure of an occasional joke with the reader. But this does not in any way mean that our Physics for Everyone is an easy book. Many of its pages must be read attentively for a long time; in order to understand physics, one must very often think hard and tensely.

L. Landua and A. Kitaigorodsky

After all the 4 books ( Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4) in which the original Physics for Everyone was split, we now finally have the original book by Lev Landau and Alexander Kitagorodsky. They say in the preface

The book’s main concern is the fundamental laws and concepts of physics. However, we have tried not to forget about illustrations from life and technology, true, not having the aim of dealing in any way with the inexhaustible field of applied physics.

The book has following chapters:
I. Basic concepts 9
II. Laws of motion 37
III. Motion from an “unreasonable” point of view 68
IV. Conservation laws 93
V. Oscillations 123
VI. Motion of solid bodies 145
VII. Gravitation 181
VIII. Pressure 215
IX. Bricks of the Universe 240
X. Structure of matter 259
XI. Temperature 285
XII. States of matter 310
XIII. Solutions 347
XIV. Friction 366
XV. Sound 387
XVI. Energy around us 440

The book was translated from the Russian by Martin Greendlinger and was first published by Mir in 1978.

You can download the book from here.

This completes the series on Physics for Everyone.

Update: All the books in the Physics for Everyone series are now up:

Physics for Everyone – Motion and Heat here.

Book 1- Physical Bodies here.

Book 2  – Molecules here.

Book 3 – Electrons here.

Book 4 – Photons and Nuclei here.

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8 Responses to Physics for Everyone – Motion and Heat

  1. Muthuvel says:

    Great collection man,
    Thanks a million….


  2. chordates says:

    Thanks a million, too.
    By the way, the Physics for Everyone – Motion and Heat link is still not working.


  3. Aditya says:

    link dead 😦


  4. akash says:

    What is the password for rar file?


  5. adhi says:

    why does it always respnd saying windows couldnt complete the extraction.can you tell me whether this book is avble in hard copy format


  6. nksnair says:

    Link not working


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