All About The Telescope

Surely, you’d like to know where the Earth ends, what surrounds the Earth, how far it is to the Moon and the stars, why the stars sparkle, why a ball you throw up always falls down, why it’s warmer in the Sun in summer, why the moon is round one day and crescent shaped another, and what other planets are there besides earth.

The answers to these and many other questions are contained in P. Klushantsev’s book All About the Telescope.

The first book that I read about astronomy was Pavel Klushantsev’s Story of Telescope, which was translated in Marathi and called दुर्बिणीची गोष्ट. This book is an introduction to the wonderful world of astronomy for small children and adults alike.

It is a very well illustrated book, with just the illustrations that all would like! The book was published by Progress Publishers in 1980. It was translated from the Russian by Jan Butler. The wonderful illustrations are by E. Voishvillo, B. Kalaushin, and B. Starodubtsev. The book was designed by Y. Kiselyov.

The book has following sections:

Where does the world end?

Why are the stars so beautiful?

Can the Sky be pierced?

What are the Sun and Moon made of?

What is everything in space supported by?

Why does the Sun rise and set?

Why is the sun hotter in summer?

Why is the moon a crescent?

What Is on the moon?

What are planets?

Can you land on Mercury?

What Will We See on Venus?

Are There Martians on Mars?

What are Jupiter and Saturn like?

When will people find out more about planets?

I will soon upload the details of the book in Marathi, I do not know if there are translations of this book in other Indian languages.

Update: There is also a Hindi translation of the book.

You can get the book here.

Thanks to gnv64 for the smaller file.

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40 Responses to All About The Telescope

  1. mir_fan says:

    – Wow , rich and colorful book. you are on a roll today . thanks for this and the physics books.
    – how can i reach you in mail . i have ~100 MIR e-books. Most of them you may have. Few may be not. I will send you the list and then upload the ones or give links to you dont have .


  2. Spaceman Sou says:

    I am feeling ecstatic. My childhood grew up on this book. This book was one of those which laid the foundation of my beautiful dreams about space, stars and planets. I owe my fertile imagination regarding space to these books. I am 27 now and I had forgotten about these books. Then two days back, I suddenly had this desire to see these books again. But the books I had were long since forgotten. I could only remember the illustrations and nothing else. And that they were written by Russian authors. Fervent search over the internet followed. I never gave up my search. And this is my reward. Thank you. One more book remains which I have to hunt. Don’t think it was Russian. It was a children’s activity book but it had the most amazing science fiction illustrations. They were characters I vaguely remember, robot like, with a head which looked like a light bulb. I have to find this book.


  3. Dhaval Bhalara says:

    hey thank you very very much for book. this book was also transleted in Gujarati named ” Telescope Su kahe che”. My child hood was gone through by reading this book. I dont know how to express my fealing but you have given me my childhood again. Thank you…Dhaval (Ahmedabad – Gujarat – India)


  4. pavan reddy says:

    link is dead please upload
    thanks a lot for providing us the most valuable books


  5. Ganeshkumar says:

    Thank you very much man


  6. fermibot says:

    thanks a lot Damitr
    i have been searching for these for a long time


  7. gnv64 says:

    Thanks for adding my smaller version!


  8. Yogesh says:

    Could you please upload Marathi Book दुर्बिणीची गोष्ट?


  9. lakab ism says:

    great book;wonderfull russian book;and many others inside mir editions:))


  10. Him Rekhi says:

    I read the Hindi version called “Aao Doorbeen Dekhein” ages ago & had this insatiable feeling to read it for quite sometime. Today my search has ended in English version that that title. Thank you from core of my heart.


  11. Akash says:

    Thaanks a lot. I could download the book. I cannot tell you how happy I am today 🙂

    I also read this book multiple times during my childhood. I remember that I was barely 7-8 years old that time when I got this book. I read Hindi Version of this book “Aao Doorbeen Dekhein”. Can anyone pls share the Hindi version as well to download. Thanks a ton for sharing the book 🙂



  12. Gopalji says:

    i found it just use peazip and apply given password wow i love this book thanks for ur effort to provide it online.


  13. taj Mohammed says:

    Download link not working, please help.


  14. Nikhil says:

    Thank very very much..Could u please upload marathi version? I have been searching marathi version for purchase for long time on internet & in book stores but couldn’t get my hands on it. It’s my favorite book in childhood..Thank you again..


  15. Keshava says:

    Password mirtitles is not working for the rar file, could you please provide another password


  16. Vivek Kapoor says:

    Thanks a lot for this book. I couldn’t find it anywhere and I’d forgotten the name too. Had loved it as a child, and somehow just managed to recall the author’s name and found your blog. I had a Hindi version – if I can find it in home, I’ll get it scanned and update.


  17. Anubhav says:

    Hi.. Im trying to find the Hindi translation version update. But could not locate it. Kindly help!!


  18. Daniel Admassu says:

    This is a wonderful book of astronomy for children that I read while I was a little boy. Mine was an Ethiopian translation in Amharic titled ‘Telescope min yasayal?’ or literally – ‘What can be seen through the telescope?’. I Have a nostalgic recollection of the cosmic and mythical worlds of that book.


  19. HS says:

    First link does not work and the password does not work on the compressed second file (smaller one). Please fix. Thanks and appreciate the work here.


  20. na says:

    please if any one have this book in marathi pdf ,you will give me.


  21. Dhaval says:

    Download link (~118 MB) is not working. Kindly update the same…. however second link (~7MB) is working but I don’t want to compromise with resolution for this wonder fully illustrated book!!… Thank you


  22. bhalaradhaval says:

    Download link (~118 MB) is not working. Only another link is working. I don’t want to compromise with resolution for such a wonderful book… Kindly update (~118 MB) link. Thank you!


  23. DeerajSehgal says:

    Hello Friend, you are doing a wonderful job by uploading the best learning books, that had benn discontinued. But there is one problem, the links you are provided are not working, kindly update the same, I will be very thankful to you. and If the hindi versions are available it will be very nice.. thnx dear


  24. kawal says:

    Firstly thanks Uploader for your great effort.These books are indeed the assets for future generations. I have Hardcopy of this Book in Punjabi.


  25. dany says:

    The right password is for 7 meg file, but the book has no value


  26. निशांत भट्ट says:

    जब मेरी उम्र 6 से 7 वर्ष की थी एक दिन मेरे पिताजी ऑफिस से घर आते समय यह पुस्तक मेरे लिए लेकर आए थे और मेरा बचपन इस शानदार पुस्तक को पढ़ते हुए बीता आज इस पुस्तक को इंटरनेट पर देख कर मेरी बचपन की यादें ताजा हो गई है और मैं अपने बचपन की पुरानी यादों में खो गया हूं आपके द्वारा किए गए इस कार्य के लिए बहुत बहुत धंयवाद क्या आप इस का हिंदी वर्जन “आओ दूरबीन देखें” उपलब्ध करवा सकते हैं धंयवाद


  27. Naghma says:

    Amazing book with lots of interesting story
    How can I get this book…..


  28. srihitha kilari says:

    I have Telugu version of this book. I was introduced to space by this book. This book is the major part of my childhood. Before starting of my schooling, my dad got this book and introduced me to stars with this book. Since then I had a habit of watching stars while having my dinner which I eventually stopped when I got older. But, this book feels like I wrapped my childhood in that book. I really will thank you if you tell me where to get it. Now I find the modified versions or English versions. But, I really want Telugu version of it. Some of you may think, “who feels this way”, but I do. This is something I am most attached to. If anyone knows where to get this book please let me no. Thanks in advance 🙂


  29. AS says:

    I have read this book at least 100+ times when I was young (Hindi Translation). It stil brings back lots of memories. Sadly I don’t have that book anymore. Just wondering if anyone has link to the Hindi Translation Book? Or even better if I can buy the hard copy. Thanks.


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