Physics for Everyone – Book 4 – Photons and Nuclei

In one of the previous post I had mentioned about a series of books by Lev Landau and A. I. Kitaigorodsky. In Books 1 and 2 both Landau and Kitaigorodsky are authors. But Book 3 and 4 are written by Kitaigorodsky alone. We will start with Book 4 of this series, which deals with Photons and Nuclei.

From the backcover:

This book concludes the series Physics for Everyone by the world-renowned scientist, winner of the Nobel and Lenin prizes, academician Lev Landau and the distinguished physicist Alexander Kitaigorodosky, This book discusses in a simple easy-to-understand manner the phenomenon of electromagnetic waves, thermal radiation, and current treatment of spectroscopic analysis. Provides an introduction to the field of nuclear physics and explains the most common types of lasers. Outlines principal aspects theory of relativity and quantum theory.

The translation of the book from the original Russian was done by George Yankovsky and was first published by Mir in 1981. The book has 7 chapters in all.

1. Soft Electromagnetic Radiation

2. Optical Instruments

3. Hard Electromagnetic Radiation

4. Generalizations of Mechanics

5. The Structure of Atomic Nuclei

6. Energy Around Us

7. The Physics of the Universe

The original covers that I had in physical copy was damaged in all the books expect Book 3. So I have tried to remake the covers. Though the cover loses some its original charm, but its the best that could be done by me.

Here is the result:


Next post would be Book 3 in this series, namely, Electrons.





Update: All the books in the Physics for Everyone series are now up:

Physics for Everyone – Motion and Heat here.

Book 1- Physical Bodies here.

Book 2  – Molecules here.

Book 3 – Electrons here.

Book 4 – Photons and Nuclei here.


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11 Responses to Physics for Everyone – Book 4 – Photons and Nuclei

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  2. Dr Lalit Patil says:

    Thank you dear Damitr. Hats off to you, man. Please bless us with other books which you have.


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  7. umtassio says:

    I have had the immense luck of finding one of the volumes (molecules) in a public library in Brazil, which I devoured. Since them I have searched for others, but with no success. Could you share them? (The links no longer seem to work.) Thank you!


  8. amit mshra says:

    dear i want to have a copy of physics for everyone book 4


  9. amit mishra says:

    can anybody help me to get a hard copy


  10. FreddieChow says:

    Lucky one to find book 4 at a second hand book vendor for only a dollar along with the electrodynamics of mir
    amazing series,finally collection complete


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