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General Physics – Vols 1 and 2 – Savelyev (LaTeX Versions)

In this post we will see the two of the three volume set Physics – A General Course by I. V. Savelyev completely typeset in LaTeX. I have done everything in my power to acquaint students with the basic ideas … Continue reading

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General Physics – Landau, Akhiezer, Lifshitz

The purpose of this book is to acquaint the reader with the principal phenomena and most important laws of physics. The authors have tried to make the book as compact as possible, including only what is essential and omitting what … Continue reading

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Theoretical Physics – Kompaneyets

We now come to Theoretical Physics by A. S. Kompaneyets. This book is intended for readers who are acquainted with the course of general physics and analysis of nonspecializing institutions of higher education. It is meant chiefly for engineer-physicists, though … Continue reading

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Problems in General Physics – Wolkenstein

When solving a problem, first of all establish the physical laws which it is based on. Then use the formulas expressing these laws to solve the problem in symbols, and finally substitute the numerical data in one system of units. … Continue reading

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