The White Stork In The Sky Stories By Byleorussian Writers

In this post, we will see the book The White Stork In The Sky Stories By Byleorussian Writers.

About the book

A collection children’s illustrated stories by various Belorussian writers.

Translated by Sergei Sosinsky

Edited by Gill Parry

Designed by Mikhail Krakovsky
Compiled by Vladimir Lipsky

First printing 1985 Second printing 1988 by Raduga Publishers

All credits to Guptaji.

You can get the book here.

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INTRODUCTION.A Land with Blue Eyes.By Vladimir Lipsky 7

YANKA BRYL Linda and Lillie Maple. 9

VASIL VITKA. A Difllcult Friendship 17

YADVIGA BEGANSKAYA. Mysterious Helpers 26

ALES MAKHNACH.ChildrenoftheBreetFortress.30

ALYONA VASILEVICH, Leaflet, the Partisan Hone 37

VITALY VOLSKY. A Friend In Need 44

MAXIM LUZHANIN,Yuzlk’s Mother Gets Lost.54

PAVEL KOVALYOV. When Trees Weep  57

VASIL KHOMCHENKO. Three Helmets 61

PAVEL MISKO. Grandad and Al. 63

ALES SHASHKOV.How Nick Noodle Became a General.69


DAIR SLAVXOVICH. Flowers In the Postbox 75

MIKOLA GIL. We Can See the Sun 77

PAVEL TKACHEV. Instructions81

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