Stories For Children by Konstantin Ushinsky

In this post, we will see the book Stories For Children by Konstantin Ushinsky.

About the book

Konstantin Dmitrievich Ushinsky (1824-1870) was an outstanding Russian pedagogue and a writer o f delightful stories for children, whose works have been included in Russian literary readers for over a century.Ushinsky’s interesting tales give children an insight into the world about them and lead them to compare, to draw conclusions and generally, to think. Children like them and remember them. As pedagogue and writer Ushinsky tried by means of his stories to inculcate in his readers a taste for worthwhile occupations, to develop their spirit of enquiry and lead them to the love of nature. He considered that “education, if directed towards human happiness, should not educate for happiness but be a preparation for the work of life.

Drawings by Nikolai Grishin
Translated from the Russian by Eve Manning

The book was published in 1983 by Raduga Publishers.

All credits to Guptaji.

You can get the book here.

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2 Responses to Stories For Children by Konstantin Ushinsky


    Great services by MIR , I grow with Mir books at the age of “6”, in 1974. Still going with that for our children, … Now for our grandchildren too…

    My journey with Mir leads me to Russian literature in 1982 during my school days.

    Now I am with the Russian icons like Alexander Pushkin, Leo Tolstoy, Anton checkov, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Ivan Turgenev, Paris vaseliov, maxim Gorkhy, Zingis Ithmathev, Vladimir korolenkov, …. And so on. More interestingly My mother tongue is ” Tamil” , a oldest language of the world. I am expressing my heartfelt gratitude to Mir, that I read all above author’s books in my mother tongue only. Such a geat service has been offered by MIR to the Tamils of the world.

    “வாழ்க உங்கள் தொண்டு” “Long live your charity”

    With infinite gratitude and affection

    Selvakumar.S Madurai India.


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