Happy New Year 2023!

So this year is also gone! And that too very swiftly if you ask me. But hoping a Happy New Year to all of you!

Last year on 1st January we had made a resolve of making a post everyday for the year, and we are very happy (and proud?) to tell you that we did manage to keep that resolution!

We have had a very successful year of posting

And overall we are getting closer to 5 million all time views!

Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement to make this possible. We started this blog sometime in 2010 and its almost 12 years that we are still here. Some years we did not post as much, but we did manage to get through with help from people across the world.

Recently, thanks to Henri Leveque we have got many books in French. Similarly, thanks to all the original uploaders who have worked in the background to make many scans in Spanish and Portuguese available. Also, some more Indic language books have added, though not as much as I would have wanted. And last but not least thanks to Guptaji for his support and encouragement for this little blog of ours. He has recently scanned about 100 Soviet books.

Here are the resolutions for the coming year!

  • Make a post a day for the rest of the year
  • Acquire more Indic language books and Mir books as well
  • Printing (hmm, I know its long time due 😦 lets see if we can make it this yaer)
  • LaTeX typsetting, expect a few by February

In hope that we have a better world next year…


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I am The Mitr, The Friend
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5 Responses to Happy New Year 2023!

  1. Mohamad Modamani says:

    Happy new year for you, followers and supporters.


  2. Giorgio Riolo says:

    A great job. Your contribution is very very important. I’ll support it.
    Happy new year and thanks for all.



  3. dcr257 says:

    Thanks for the distribution of valuable books. I wish you much success in 2023.


  4. Pkdrinker says:

    Thank You very much.
    You are doing an outstanding work for the world.


  5. Pkdrinker says:

    Thank you so much. There is no measure of the amount of value you are providing.


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