Happy New Year and 2021 in Review

Happy New Year to All!

Hope this year is better than the last,

The last one went on very very fast..

Thank you for being with us over the years!

Here are some stats from the last year and resolutions for the next..

Views and Visitors

We had a little over 300,000 views this year with about 64 k unique visitors.


As for the reach except for a few countries mostly from central-western Africa, we have covered almost all the globe. Of course most of our visitors are from India, but I am happy that we reached out to these many places and people!



For almost last three months or so, we have made at least one post a day – hope we are able to continue this next year too.


  1. to try to post at least one post a day for every day of the new year – we do have enough books to do this!
  2. There are about 250 books to be scanned, will try to finish in a workshop mode with some friends – will keep you posted.
  3. Get the printing of books done – I am guilty for this to happen, we had made the post  regarding printing last April and its still in production hell (as they call it). We hope to sort this one out before this April (Keep fingers crossed).
  4. Create LaTeX versions of more books ( a few are in pipeline) will keep you posted.
  5. Purchase new physical copies (getting rarer by the day). We might need your help in this – will post updates later.

Anyways hoping that this year is good for all of us!

About The Mitr

I am The Mitr, The Friend
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1 Response to Happy New Year and 2021 in Review

  1. Eulogio Navarro says:

    Thank you so much for your efforts


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