The Riddle Of The Origin Of Consciousness – Guryev

In this post, we will see the book The Riddle Of The Origin Of Consciousness by D. Guryev.

About the book

The book is devoted to one of the most complex phenomena on Earth – human consciousness. The author expounds in a popular form contemporary data on the origin of consciousness as the highest form of reflecting reality. He analyses the role of labour in the formation of thinking, the latter’s association with the biological prerequisites and the process of the origin of society. Revealed in the work is the specific quality of consciousness, its association with man’s speech, brain and social behaviour.

The book was translated from Russian  by Aini Lehto and
designed by Sergei Krasovsky. Th book was published in 1990 by Progress Publishers.

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You can get the book here.

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Introduction 5

Chapter One. What is Consciousness? 13

§ 1. Society As the Basis of Consciousness 14
§ 2. The Nature of Consciousness 22

Chapter Two. The Behaviour and Psyche of Higher Apes 39

§ 1. The Behaviour and Psyche of Higher Apes in Natural Conditions 39
§ 2. What Are Higher Apes Capable. of i in Experimental Conditions? 51
§ 3. Development of Chimpanzee Psyche by Means of Language 74

Chapter Three. The Life and Fact of Man’s Direct Ancestors

§ 1. Contemporary Science on the Life and Psyche of Man’s Ancestors 104
§ 2. The Australopithecines and Man 130

Chapter Four. The Emergence of Consciousness 149

§ 1. The Causes of the Conception of Consciousness 150
§ 2. The Emergence of Consciousness 182


Name Index 219


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