Introduction To Rocket Technology – Feodosiev, Siniarev

In this post, we will see the book Introduction To Rocket Technology by V. I. Feodosiev and G. B. Siniarev.

About the book

The authors have undertaken the task of introducing the reader to the general subject of rocket technology, without demanding of him serious preparation, especially in the specialized fields of aero-gas-dynamics and thermodynamics. To understand the material in this book a general back­ ground in the elements of physics, chemistry, and the fundamentals of higher mathematics is all that is needed. In this way, the book is designed for the reader who has the background equivalent to two semesters of a technical college.

The book was translated from Russian by S. N. Samburoff and was published in 1959.

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Introduction 1

I. The Basic Relationships in the Theory of Reactive Motion 13

II. Types of Jet Propelled Aircraft and their Basic Construction 25

III. Types of Reaction Motors, Their Construction and Operational Characteristics 62

IV. Rocket Motor Fuels 91

V. The Processes in the Combustion Chamber of a Rocket Motor 127

VI. Flow of the Combustion Products through the Nozzle of a Rocket Motor 161

VII. Forces and Moments Acting on the Rocket in Flight 200

VIII. Rocket Flight Trajectory 249

IX. The Basic Principles of Stabilization and Steering 273

X. Ground Equipments nad Launching Devices 322

Index 341




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