Signals and Circuits – Baskakov

In this post, we will see the book Signals And Circuits by S. I. Baskakov.

About the book

The present book is a course on signals and circuits as it is taught in the USSR. This subject figures prominently among the fundamental disciplines essential to the expertise of communication engineers. Keeping pace with overall progress in science and technology and reflecting the current trends in component design and theory, this course combines and sets forth in a systematic way the most important principles in the field of communications.
In his work on the text, the author has been guided by the idea that material should be specifically tailored to the teaching practice at college. This approach has governed the selection of material and the degree of detail in its presentation: its pages contain what, as the author believes, the student can fully assimilate during the time allotted. Specific circuit types, their study and comparative analysis-all this belongs to the specialized subjects in communication engineering.
This text includes a wide variety of material and a wealth of concepts and techniques which will come the student’s way for the first time. Ample space is devoted to mathematical tools of study. To link theory closer to practice, the chapters contain a great number of examples and problems giving the student deeper insight into the techniques of engineering analysis.

The book was translated from Russian by V. Kuznetsov was published in 1986 by Mir Publishers.

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You can get the book here.

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Part One. Signals 15

Chapter 1 Elements of the General Theory of Signals 15

Chapter 2 Spectral Representations of Signals 42

Chapter 3 Power Spectra of Signals. Principles of Correlation Analysis 78

Chapter 4 Modulated Signals 103

Chapter 5 Band-Limited Signals 133

Chapter 6 An Outline of the Theory of Random Signals 162

Chapter 7 The Correlation Theory of Random Processes 189

Part Two. Circuits 219

Chapter 8 Response of Linear Stationary Systems to Deterministic Signals 219

Chapter 9 Response of Frequency-Selective Systems to Deterministic Signals 259

Chapter 10 Response of Linear Stationary Networks to Random Signals 290

Chapter 11 Signal Transformations in Nonlinear Circuits 313

Chapter 12 Signal Transformations in Linear Parametric Circuits 345

Chapter 13 A Basic Theory of Linear Circuit Synthesis 380

Chapter 14 Active Networks with Feedback. Self-Excited Oscillatory Systems 409

Chapter 15 Discrete Signals. Principles of Digital Filtering 448

Chapter 16 Optimum Linear Signal Filtering 487

Bibliography 510
Index 512


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