A Course of Higher Mathematics (Vols. 1 – 5) – Smirnov

In this post, we will see the six volume A Course of Higher Mathematics by V. I. Smirnov.

About the Course

Volume I Elementary Calculus is primarily concerned with differential and integral calculus. Particular emphasis is given to functional relationships in the theory of limits. The book also treats series, functions of several variables and complex numbers.

Volume 2 Advanced Calculus: This volume is primarily concerned with advanced calculus. Covered are ordinary differential equations, linear differential equations, multiple and line integrals, vector analysis and field theory, and the mathematics necessary for the discussion of problems in classical field theory.

Volume 3, Part 1 Linear Algebra: The first part of Volume III gives a full account of the two branches of modern algebra — linear algebra and the theory of groups —which are most frequently used in theoretical physics.

Volume 3, Part II Complex Variables – Special Functions: The second part of Volume III is primarily concerned with the theory of complex variables. It presents a complete picture of the aspects of the theory which are of most direct interest to applied mathematicians.

Volume 4 Integral and Partial Differential Equations: This volume begins with full accounts of the theory of integral equations and with the calculus of variations. Included are the fundamental theory of partial differential equations and systems of equations in which characteristics plays a central role.

Volume 5 Integration and Functional Analysis: The final volume presents the theory of integration and elements of functional analysis. Although functional analysis has become a very abstract discipline, its general results can be used to derive the solution of particular problems in classical analysis and in applied mathematics.

The course was translated by D. E. Brown and edited by I. N. Sneddon and was first published in 1964.

Credits to the Original uploaders.

Volume 1 here.

Volume 2 here.

Volume 3 Part 1 here.

Volume 3 Part 2 here.

Volume 4 here.

Volume 5 here.


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7 Responses to A Course of Higher Mathematics (Vols. 1 – 5) – Smirnov

  1. Babak Soleymanzadeh says:

    What a fantastic post! Really marvelous!


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  3. RICARDO says:

    Thanks by books. They are fantastics!!!!


  4. Book Wiz says:

    Nice. Books are available in German too by publisher Lehrmittel Europa. They are in active print, some in two-digit editions like 12th or 16th and stable. Originally “imported” via GDR (German Democratic Republic). It’s a master piece by guru Smirnov (Smirnow) and should be in your shelf. Basically the series is suitable for undergraduate but touch graduate topics such as Functional Analysis too.


  5. Aashutosh says:

    How can I get hard copy of this book series.


  6. noman says:

    Are these books suitable for self-study?


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