Adventures Of Captain Wrungel by Andrei Nekrasov

In this post, we will see the book Adventures Of Captain Wrungel by Andrei Nekrasov.

About the book

A story book for children about a Captain Wrungels adventurous voyage in the sea. The episodes of Captain and his crew are hilarious. It builds on parody of sailors and habits.

Captain Wrungel is a very famous character in Russia if you have not heard about him or his stories you will certainly enjoy reading this book.

From the Preface

Forty years ago I read the manuscript of Andrei
Nekrasov’s story The Adventures of Captain WrungeL This was
my introduction to the intrepid captain, his unpredictable
companions Lorn and Fooks and their sailing boat Rage on
which they undertook a round-the-world voyage.

The world has changed a great deal since. The map of our
planet is different now, Man has launched into outer space,
atomic ice-breakers have crashed their way through to
the North Pole. People have new joys and new cares.

And a great many books have been written.

But the little yacht Rage has not got lost in the ocean of
children’s literature. Outsailing many a literary vessel, Captain
Wrungel still unerringly steers his course to the
hearts of his young readers.

For millions of boys and girls Captain Wrungel is as dear a
hero as the boastful Baron Munchausen, the resourceful
Robinson Crusoe and the mischievous Tom Sawyer.

The first readers of The Adventures of Captain Wrungel
are grandfathers and grandmothers now. The book’s first edition has become a bibliographical rarity. But Captain Wrungel himself has no thought of retirement. He is still doing a very important job -that of entertaining his young readers i and
teaching them to weather hardships with a smile on their face.

I am slightly envious of those who have opened this book for the first time in their life: they will learn a lot that is new, will come to terms with the elements and, at any rate, will have a great time.



The book was translated from Russian by Raissa Bobrova and was designed by Georgy Yudin. The book was published in 1981 by Progress Publishers.

The book was also made into a cartoon TV series in the 70s.

All credits to Guptaji.

You can get the book here and here.

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Introduction 7


in which the reader is introduced to the hero and which contains nothing out of the ordinary 9


in which Captain Wrungel tells about his first mate Lom 13


about technology and resourcefulness making up for lack of courage and about putting a bad tooth to a good use 22


about the ways of Scandinavian peoples, the city of Hamburg and the use of squirrels for propulsion purposes 35


about herrings and nimble hands 46


which begins with a misunderstanding and ends with an unexpected ducking 54


about astronomical reckonings, stratagems and pharaohs 66


in which Fooks gets his deserts, then counts crocodiles and ends by demonstrating outstanding agricultural ability 77


about old customs and icebergs 91


in which the reader makes the acquaintance of Admiral Kusaki and the crew of the Rage is threatened with starvation 102


in which Wrungel is separated from his boat and his first mate  110


in which Wrungel and Fooks give a small concert and then hurry on to Brazil 115


in which Wrungel makes short shrift of an anaconda and is once again decently attired 123


at the beginning of which Wrungel finds himself in deadly peril and in the end is reunited with the Rage 130


in which Lorn leaves the ship again 138


the saddest, because in it the Rage is lost beyond recall 147


in which Lorn makes a sudden appearance and sings a song to himself 152


in which Fooks and Lorn make unfortunate purchases and Wrungel has a chance to verify some algebraic rules 158


the last, in which Admiral Kusaki himself helps Wrungel out of an awkward situation 164

The Author’s Afterword. Captain Wrungel, the Fabulous Fibber 173

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