Electronic Boy From The Portmanteau

In this post, we will see the book Electronic Boy From The Portmanteau by Yevgevy Veltistov.

About the book

Boys and Girls,

You’ve probably guessed what Electronic is? Right, he’s a boy-robot! But the cream of the joke is that, by sheer chance, he turns out to be the live double of a schoolboy, Sergei Cheesekov. They meet and make friends – and immediately fantastic and funny adventures happen to them both. Sergei quickly gains fame as a World Champion runner, an animal-trainer, and an honor pupil at school – but that’s enough. Read the book yourselves, and join Sergei and Electronic at a math lesson in a Moscow school, see the circus with them, and visit the cybernetics laboratory of Professor Gromov. Finally, when the cat’s out of the bag, and their secret is discovered – join the children who teach Electronic to laugh. Wouldn’t it be fun if you had a friend like Electronic?

About the Author

Yevgeny Serafimovich Veltistov was a Soviet writer and screenwriter, who wrote a series of science fiction tales for young readers.

He was born into the family of a military engineer in 1934. In the second year of the Great Patriotic War, he came to study at school. There were few books. There are even fewer notebooks. I wanted to read very much. When asked who you will become, he replied: “A seller of children’s books. To read everything.”
Then he changed his mind. I decided to become a journalist. It was a firm decision. Graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov in 1956. He began to work – first in newspapers, then – as a department editor in the popular magazine “Ogonyok”. He was in charge of feuilletons and all sorts of things that were printed on the last pages.

He brought the manuscript of the first book to the Children’s Literature publishing house. Soon she saw the light. Others saw the light behind it.

from goodreads page

The book was translated from Russian by Gladys Evans and was illustrated and designed by Y. Krasny. The book was published in 1969 by Progress.

All credits to Guptaji.

You can get the book here (a cleaner version of the next link) and here.

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White Lab-Coat, or Formulas? 17
Who’s the Champion? 29
The Magician of All Time 43


The Cunning Y, the Dog’s Head and Other Relatives of Electronic 53
How Electronic Was Born 61
Teaching Electronic 68
X-Rays Show Nothing 74


You Are Me! 81
Programmist-Optimist 85
“The Bride’s Chair” 90
Three Chancellors of the Theorem 95
Electronic’s First Failures 104
Hippopotamus Code Language 112
Conversations with a Goose and a Serpentonian 122
A Good Thing Dogs Don’t Talk 132


After All, Pm a Human Being! 137
What Does It Mean—to Think? 144
Duel with the “Trainer” 150
If Only There Were a Time Machine 154


Quiz Day 169
Cheesekov — That’s Me 177
Hes Laughing! 178
What Happened After 186

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