Diamonds Wrought By Man (Scientists To School Children) – Derjaguin, Fedoseev

In this post, we will see the book Diamonds Wrought By Man (Scientists To School Children) by B. V. Derjaguin and D. V. Fedoseev. This book is in the Scientists to School Children series.


About the book

Today, scientists of many countries are working on techniques for making large gem diamonds. Undoubtedly, they shall soon find efficient methods for their production.
But before this time comes, many events will occur in the history of diamond synthesis. Investigators are faced with much time-consuming research aimed at improving existing procedures for diamond synthesis, such as the high-pressure method or the growing of diamonds and seed crystal enlargement from a carbonaceous gas. They are also engaged in the development of new techniques based on the latest advances in various branches of science.
We have made an attempt in this book to tell the story of how close cooperation between chemists and physicists enabled mankind to produce synthetic diamonds, a wonder-material that previously could only be envisioned.

About the authors

 Boris Vladimirovich Derjaguin, D.Sc. (Chem.), is an eminent Soviet scientist in the field of physical chemistry, and an associate member of the USSR Academy o f Sciences since 1946. Dr. Derjaguin was bom in Moscow in 1902 and graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Depart­ ment of Moscow University in 1922. In 1935 he organized the Thin Films Laboratory in the Physical Chemistry Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Dr. Derjaguin has written more than 900 papers in this area of physical chemistry. In 1958 he received the Lomonosov Medal from the USSR Academy of Sciences. Dr. Derjaguin was awarded an honorary degree by Clarkson College of Technology USA- he is also a member of the Carolinische Deutsche Naturforscher.
Dmitri Valerianovich Fedoseev, D.Sc. (Chem.), heads a laboratory in the Physical Chemistry Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Dr. Fedoseev was born in 1934; he graduated in 1956 from the Chemical Department of Odessa University. Dr. Fedoseev is a specialist in chemical kinetics and the physical chemistry of surface phenomena. His main investigations have been in the synthesis of diamond and graphite, as well as the formation of a new phase. He has published over 100 scientific papers, and is the coauthor of three monographs in his field. He was also a member of the team that discovered filamentary diamond crystals.
The book was translated from the Russian by Nicholas Weinstein and was published by Mir in 1985.
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Foreword 7
King of the Minerals 8

Diamond’s Professions and Trades 22

Natural Diamonds 28

Three Periods in the History of Diamond Synthesis 38

What Nucleation Is About 46

For Those Who Want More Details 48

Diamond Synthesis at High Pressures 60

Diamond Powder Growth at Low Pressures 79

Growth of Diamond Films and Crystals at Low Pressures 99

Polycrystalline Diamond Materials 115

Science, Engineering and Synthetic Diamond 124

Not Only Diamonds Are Man-Made 139

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