Git repo for Tarasov’s Calculus

So, as promised I have created a git repo containing LaTeX source files for Tarasov’s Calculus. Currently, the work that is needed includes converting all the figures to TikZ code and any other changes which might make the document better.

You can find the public repository at the URL below:

I have other books by Tarasov also ready to be released, maybe by this month-end, we will see them:

  • The World is Built on Probability,
  • Questions and Answers in School Physics,
  • Basic Concepts of Quantum Mechanics,
  • This Amazingly Symmetrical World.

I hope you find this useful and contribute to the project.


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4 Responses to Git repo for Tarasov’s Calculus

  1. desperadomar says:

    Which editor you are using to create the tex to pdf ones?


    • The Mitr says:

      Any editor should be okay, but all the packages should be available. On GNU/Linux systems use texlive, on OSX MacTeX, on Win MikTeX for package installation. I am using TeXshop when on OSx and Emacs when on GNU/Linux


  2. Octavio says:

    I’m realy happy to learn this project exists. I’m in the middle of my master’s degree, but i’m seriously thinking about translating this to spanish in the future. I love it, i love that it’s free of copy right and that the source code is available to modify, cut, or adapt it in any way for particular cases. Thank’s a lot.


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