Mirtiles at The Internet Archive

In recent past we have added many of the books on The Internet Archive. The process is not complete but many have been added.

In case the old links are broken you might find them there:


Happy Reading 🙂


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One Response to Mirtiles at The Internet Archive

  1. fellowbaba says:

    Kindly try to upload the following titles:
    1. Collections of problems and exercises in mathematics : Dorokhin and Bazhora
    2. Mathematics problems: Equations and Inequalities: A study Aid : Vavilov
    3. Mathematics problems: Algebra: A study aid: Vavilov
    4. Algebra and Fundamentals of analysis: Yakovlev
    5. Elementary Mathematics: Zaitsev, Skanavi
    6. Questions and Problems in High-School Mathematics: Kondratyeva
    7. Solving problems in algebra and trigonometry : Litvinenko, Mordkovich
    8. Algebra and Elementary Functions: Kalnin
    9. Manual for High-School Mathematics: Tsypkin
    10. Algebra: A study-aid for self education: Nikolsky
    11. Algebra and Principles of Mathematical Analysis: Mordkovich
    12. Problem Book: Algebra and Trigonometry: Kutepov and Rubanov

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