Mathematics Can Be Fun – Yakov Perelman

This one was long pending: Mathematics Can Be Fun by Yakov Perelman


To read and enjoy this book it will suffice to possess a modest knowledge of mathematics, i.e. a knowledge of the rules of arithmetic and elementary geometry. Very few problems require the ability of forming and solving equations, and the simplest at that. The table of contents, as you may see, is quite diversified: the subjects range from a motley collection of conundrums and mathematical stunts to useful practical problems on counting and measuring. The author has done everything to make his book as fresh as possible, avoiding repetition of all that has already appeared in his other works (Tricks and Amusements, Interesting Problems, etc.). The reader will find a hundred or so brain- teasers that have not been included in earlier books. Chapter 6- “Number Giants” -is adapted from one of the authors earlier pamphlets, with four new stories added.

You can get the book here.

Arabic version here.

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7 Responses to Mathematics Can Be Fun – Yakov Perelman

  1. amit says:

    this is just a wonderful book,those who had it are really blessed.perelman s classic has probably no parallel.thanks damitr


  2. MathsMafia says:

    I have the original edition too.


  3. Hitesh says:

    I have some extra copies of this book. If anyone is interested can contact me at-
    hitesh29 [at] gmail [dot] com


  4. macsons says:

    If you wish you can purchase the physical copy here


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