Some recent discoveries

First of all thanks to Siddharth for his amazing and non-stop efforts in bringing out some many links to us.

Perhaps we need to make a separate post for his books!

From now on we will shift completely to The Internet Archive for links. In case you find a broken link and have the file, please provide alternate links.

Recently I found a few gems at a raddiwala shop. Here are a few glimpses

new-01 new-02 new-03

All of them (plus a few non-soviet books) for a little over Rs. 100!

Just a couple of months more and we will be back in business…

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61 Responses to Some recent discoveries

  1. Siddharth says:

    You got these from which raddiwala shop? I mean an old one or new one? in a big city or a small town?


    • The Mitr says:

      This is in Mumbai, a small seller in Deonar. Visited the shop for taking some carbon copies of documents. The shop also doubled up as a raddi shop. Saw some children’s books there, browsed through the pile and voila, there they were…


    • Eric says:

      Hello Guys,

      I have a chance to purchase Mechanisms in Modern Engineering Design Vols. I II III (4 books) by Artobolevsky. All I need is the last three books to complete the set! If anyone has these last books or knows where I can get a copy let me know. Then we can get the other machine design series by orlov, machine tool design acherkan, etc.



  2. Siddharth says:


    I have a suggestion:

    Please add the following list also to the Blogroll so that we can have links of Soviet books in other regional languages also:

    I also request everyone here to add links of such blogs (if anyone knows) which provide only Soviet e-books in languages other than English like Spanish, French or any regional languages etc. so that interested users can find translated books’ blogs & links here.


    • Scientific Mitram says:

      Dear Siddharth,
      Thanks for serving the scientific community by bringing in these priceless books. However I would like to have more of these collections.
      Do you have the following books ?
      1. Engineering Thermodynamics by Kirillin, Sychev and Sheindlin – Mir Moscow 1976
      2. Hanbook of Physics by Yavorsky and Detlas – Mir Moscow 1977


  3. indigene says:

    Where is the raddiwala?


  4. Eric. says:

    Hey, I am curious what people are paying for Mir books in math and physics? The books in the usa can be $50+ and $500+ in south America. Are these books in India very cheap like $10 or less? Because I have been spending a lot of money in USA and I just wanted a comparison. Also, if anybody has duplicate books they want to sell or books they want to sell let me know. I am nearing completion of scanning Mathematical handbook: higher mathematics by M. Vygodsky. I will be done shortly.


    • Siddharth says:

      Yes some of the books I have scanned had printed on them , for example,
      “Price Indian Rupee 3.80” in the 1980s!
      ( Presently 60 Indian Rupee = 1 US $ )


      • Sanjay Singh says:

        I have imported MIR book Irodov Physics problems which I bought in 1991, In very good condition . Anyone wants to scan it then I can rent it(for free of course) if promised to return. I also have High School Mathematics By G.N. Yakolev which I had bought from footpath back then, it is also imported in good condition but some pages have yellowed.


    • vineet says:

      They are available for around 1$ by CBS publisher,print quality is little bit on the lower side but the content is there, we should be thankful that at least it is available and that to so cheaply.


    • Sam says:

      Hey Eric, Do you have hard copies of
      1.Intermediate algebra by richard rusczyk
      2.Precalculus by richard rusczyk
      3.Calculus by David Patrick ?
      can you please upload them for us?
      Hoping that you will
      thanking you for any help you do
      waiting for a reply


  5. S.Sanjay says:

    welcome back, bandhu!


  6. Rahul says:

    This is amazing. I’ve been fan of Mir Pub. books since class 8th. Wonderful job, keep it up 🙂


    • Siddharth says:

      You said MIR books for Class 8th. I couldn’t understand.


      • Rahul says:

        Oh, sorry. What I meant is first time I saw Mir books is by accidentally bumping into an almost empty stall of Rajasthan People’s Publishing House. I came through “Sapekshikta ka Siddhant Kya hai ?” (“What is Theory of Relativity?”) by Landau and Rumer. I read the whole book in the stall itself bought it (in Rs 7 !) and bought many other books and I’m a big fan since then of all physics and maths books. Their exposition are so insightful. I owe my understanding of Physics to Mir books to a large degree.

        It’s great working physicists and mathematicians should write or at least republish at cheaper costs such insightful books for children in secondary and higher secondary standard. I can overstate its importance.


        • Siddharth says:

          1) Do you still have any of those books now?
          2) Do you know any list/ more such title names of hindi Soviet books republished by Rajasthan People’s Publishing House?


          • Rahul says:

            Yes, I have those books but, unfortunately not with me but, at my home. They are mostly in hindi as I have studied science and other subjects through middle school.
            सापेक्षिकता का सिद्धांत क्या है ?, प्रकाश(light), Heat, A B C of Plasma Physics, Nature of Magnetism, और्जिकी (energetics ),रसायनशास्त्र की रूपरेखा.
            Most of these you already have here on this wonderful website of yours.


  7. CSRao,Manager-HR\(ED\) says:

    Thank you.


  8. camoes95 says:

    Dear Siddharth, or someone else…
    would you plz send me the 4 volume books of the idian Arun Kumar for physics?


  9. karan says:

    Voila dmitri returns ,,,where did you disappeared like shaktiman serial?


  10. karan says:

    Moreover i learnt russian all these months ,,, and downloaded many books from ,,,


  11. Arjun says:

    I’ve uploaded a few Mishas and other books here; shall be uploading more soon-

    thanks for this page; saw my titles I’d completely forgotten and am looking to restock them now


  12. Not sure if my earlier comment was posted-in any case, I’ve uploaded some Mishas here and other books-do check them out:


  13. Eric. says:

    Does anyone have “ENTERTAINING ELECTRONICS by E Sedov”? I have a chance to get this book. Also PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY 2 Volumes by Gerasimov. If we have these books I won’t buy them.


  14. Uday says:

    Dear Eric,
    we do not have them


    • Mayur says:

      I have these printed books:
      Entartaining Electronics by E. Sedov
      Problem Book: Algebra and Elementary Functions by A. Kutepov, A. Rubanov (Rs 12)
      The Theory of Funtions of Functions of a complex variable by Sveshnikov, Tikhonov. (Rs 8)
      and around 10 more books (in a box)


  15. vineet says:

    Searched a lot for mir books at avenue road in Bangalore,but could only find one book on geology or something similar.


  16. amit mishra says:

    it is my request to all of you please let me know about book 4 of physics for everyone


  17. Uday says:

    Dear Mayur

    can you pl list the books in details?


  18. amit mishra says:

    dear all i m looking for mir books e.g.calculas by terasov quantum mechanics by terasov hard copies ,is it possible now


  19. Uday says:

    Dear Eric,
    wher are you uploading your books?


  20. Eric says:

    Guys, I just got another book:
    E. A. Nersesov – Fundamentals of atomic and nuclear physics
    Hardcover. 399 pp. 1990 copyright.
    Let me know if we have this scanned. I am gonna be uploading a whole
    lot of pdfs in the coming week!


  21. Uday says:

    I do not think we have.


  22. Eric says:

    Is anyone selling last three volumes of Artobolevsky’s Mechanics in Modern Engineering Design?


  23. Uday says:

    Hello Eric,
    Have you uploaded the previous books?


  24. praneeta says:

    this is a grt work!! thank a lot!!
    i can see a book named “friends” in the picture. i had it in my childhood. i am still a big fan of russian books. can u please scan and upload the above book???
    i was in search for it for years…..
    thank you.
    waiting eagerly……


  25. GianniN says:

    Hi to everyone, I want to share the set of 5 volumes of Artobolevsky – Mechanism in modern engineering design , at the moment only one of the 7 book is missing (volume 5 par 2)

    I will very happy if anyone can provide the missing book.

    You can download the pdf file from

    if you find any problem to download the books pls let me know,


  26. rahul says:

    Hi. i have many soviet books like Raduga & Mir books for sale. If interested Please email to or whatsapp on 9780051220


  27. KungFuPanda says:

    It’s great how you and everyone else is working to keep an era from fading away.
    I searched everywhere for English translations of Nikolai Dubov’s book “The Fugitive” but I haven’t been able to find them still. If anyone sees this and has them, please provide the ebooks or links, and if you have a hard copy, I will pay for getting them scanned and uploaded!


  28. Gaurav Vohra says:

    Can I get G.N. YAKOVLEV High school mathematics volume1. I’ve volume 2, if somebody needs it.


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