A Spaceship In Orbit – Kolesnikov, Glazkov

In this post we will see A Spaceship In Orbit by Yu.V. Kolesnikov, Yu. N. Glazkov

space orbit

“What lies ahead of you is the investigation of the crater-gnawed Moon and the landing on Mars. You are expected to penetrate into the hotbed furnace of Venus, install stations on the satellites of the big planets and probe the opaque atmosphere of Jupiter and Saturn. You are going to study the Sun, near-Sun and interstellar space, and then the innumerable stars. By examining them one by one you will learn that some of the stars are very much the same as the Sun, while others are quite different.”

Yuri Kolesnikov is a popular-science writer whose articles on space research, astronomy, biology and history appear regularly in Soviet news-papers and magazines. He was bom in 1935 and graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute in 1959.
Yuri Glazkov, Cand. Sc. (Eng.), is a well-known Soviet cosmonaut. Born in 1939, he graduated from the Kharkov Higher Air-Force Engineering School in 1962 and served in the Air Force until 1965 when he joined the team of Soviet cosmonauts. Qualified as a pilot, Glazkov has flown on var-ious spaceships and orbital stations. In 1977 he was the flight engineer aboard Soyuz 24 and Salyut 5.

Many thanks to gnv64 for this book.

Mir | 1984 | 196 pages  | Cover

You can get the book here and here.

Password if needed: mirtitles

To Space Explorers of the Future 7
In the Rocket and Out into Space 8
A Spaceship in Orbit 22
A Relay of Cooperation 70
Soyuz-Apollo-a Handshake in Orbit 78
Space Paths of India 89
A Robot in Orbit 111
Man Explores the Moon 124
Mars Receives Guests 140
The Destination is Venus 155
On a Visit to a Comet 172
What Is a Dream Today Will Become a Reality Tomorrow 189

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