I need new bookshelves…

Overflowing Bookshelf!

Given the bibliophile that I am, the space for books always tends to fill up…

There are about 15 more boxes to arrive, and the shelf is already overflowing, (there are two more which are full)….

All randomly placed, no classification, still pending due to my  procrastination.

How many Mir books you can identify? And how many of these you have?

And behind these there is another row of books already!

PS: I hope I do not become a bibliomaniac any time soon!

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18 Responses to I need new bookshelves…

  1. Carlos says:



  2. raja says:

    I can feel it man, I am trying to slow down as well, though my mir collection is way way less than yours !!!!, but i wonder how the heck you find so many mir books to buy?, going for regular book hunt or what?? (all over india then of course!!)
    once you started the tendency is to push as far as possible..hhhaaa


  3. db.jan says:

    With zoom on an image, the image quality is reduced and Can not read the names of all the books.


  4. siddhu says:

    hey damitr, where did you get the old mir books?? do you read those books? I want to talk to you. please mail me at chsiddu1993@yahoo.co.in. I have a small collection of books like 150 or so.



    • damitr says:

      Most of the books are collected over many years from towns I have been to. Most of them are used ones mostly from raddi walas or I got at very cheap prices from book fairs, sales etc. Some of the books I have read, but definitely not all. Think of it more like a personal reference library. You can mail me at the.mitr@gmail.com



  5. mfakih says:

    I liked your links to the words bibliophile and, bibliomaniac. I hope we all tame our expansionary tendencies and channel them into productive and focus ends. Btw, procrastinating the arranging of the books may be something to keep. Organization shouldn’t be a goal by itself esp. when it get in the way.


  6. desperadomar says:

    At a 5x zoom ,I think the top 2 rows doesn’t contain any mir books,third row (from top) I can find the tales about metals,in 4th row a book is there besides classical mechanics,and a lot of them can be found on last row having a stack of mir books.Taking the count is a bit difficult.!


  7. Maximiliano says:

    Hi there!

    Do you happen to have “Fundamentals of electricity” by F E Ekdokimov? I´ve been looking for it for a long while, but unfortunately haven´t been able to find it.

    Thanks! Bye!


    • themitr says:

      There is no author by that name afaik, perhaps you meant Evdokimov. I know about the book, but it is not with us right now.



      • Maximiliano says:

        You´re right, it´s Evdokimov (for some reason, I keep misspelling it!). Several people told me it´s a great source to study magnetic circuits.

        Well, guess I´ll keep on searching. Thank you for your fast answer.



  8. Abrahamouch says:

    I can’t catch a MIR book out there; but I noticed “What is Mathematics” at the middle of the top row. Great book!! and a superb collection.
    Take care of it 🙂


  9. Anil battula says:

    Rare Soviet books(Originals) available at reasonable(cheap) prices@ Delhi, INDIA::
    1) Moldavian Folk Tales @ 70/-
    2) Barankins fantasy World @ 70/-
    3)The White Stork in the Sky @40/-
    4)Adventures of Captains:Wrungel @ 60/-
    5)Animals on a Pedestal @ 70/-
    6)Grasshopper the little Soldier @ 25/-
    7)Malachite Casket @70/-
    8)Maths with Mummy @50/-
    9) Tales of Amber Sea @60/-
    10)Where the Sun Woke Up @ 60/-
    11)Folk Tales from the British Island @ 60/- Above books are available at:
    PEOPLE’S PUBLISHING HOUSE (P) LTD. 5-E, Rani Jhansi Road, New Delhi-110055.
    website: http://www.peoplespublishinghouse.in/
    Mail id: pph5e1947@gmail.com
    Tel: +91 11 23523349 / 23529823


  10. Anil battula says:

    MIR BOOKS[Originals not reprints] available at resonable prices @ Hyderabad:
    Opp.Saifabad police station
    Behind Seha hospital,
    Lakdikapul,Hyderabad,Andhra pradesh,INDIA.
    Mobile: +91 9866851034,
    +91 9989670783,
    +91 9391099546


  11. Anshik says:

    MAn U r a Bro..


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  13. db.jan says:

    Mr.damitr are you have The Structure Of Atoms And Molecules ( Kondratyev)?


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