Space Adventures From Your Home – Rabiza

In this post we will see a children’s book on experiments on space travel titled Space Adventures in Your Home by F. Rabiza


Space Adventures in Your Home will help you perform experiments on your own. Of course, this book deals not with the outer space, it is concerned with projects involving phenomena relating to space. You can carry them out at home or at a school engineering club. The experiments described are based on the physical laws studied at school. You will find experiments on atmospheric pressure and vacuum, heat, inertia, and weightlessness. You will also enjoy simple trials in spectral analysis, will become acquainted with the principles underlying the remote control of model PRV’s (planetary roving vehicles), with the landing by parachute on Earth of a “descending capsule”, and its soft landing. You will even be able to carry out a “space manoeuvre” to dock two box kites in the air.

This book will help you test your knowledge in practice and take the first steps towards invention. The recommended models are not accom-panied by drawings, since the author wants you to show your enterprise and use any bits and pieces available. To store the materials required to make the exciting things in this book and to perform experiments, find a case with boxes or partitions to contain suitable tools and supplies: bolts, screws, nuts, washers, tubes, wire, empty spools, metal balls, parts of toys, etc., etc.

The book was translated from the Russian by Alexander Repyev and was first published by Mir Publishers in 1983, with a reprint in 1987. This book is from the 1987 edition.

Many thanks to gnv64 for this book and thanks to Biju for making this post.

PDF | Cover | Bookmarked | OCR | 12 MB | 198 Pages

You can get the book here  (filecloud) or here (mediafire).
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Password if needed: mirtitles

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Experiments with the Atmosphere and Emptiness 11
Experiments with Weightlessness 30
Experiments with Heat 48
Experiments with Laws of Motion 65
Experiments with Reaction Motion 85
Planet Earth, the Cosmic Top 108
Through Boundless Space and Time 124
Outdoor Experiments 155
Planetary Roving
Vehicles on Your Stand 168
Designing Cosmic Fantasies 188

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16 Responses to Space Adventures From Your Home – Rabiza

  1. Siddharth says:

    The filecloud link is not working


  2. Venkatesan says:

    Thank you very much! Man, this brings back memories from, long long ago 🙂 Thanks for bringing back ecstatic memories and countless hours of fun when I made the hydropneumatic rocket from socks and milk bottle and searching for the plastic close-up paste tube (Most paste tubes were made of metal then). Feeling nostalgic for the bygone times!


  3. Devarsh Ruparelia says:

    Damitr the password is not working please help


  4. m95 says:

    thanks alot for this very nice post


  5. taj Mohammed says:

    I have this book in hindi, but dont have a scanner. How could i scan, i have to rip pages for scanning?


    • The Mitr says:

      Hi Taj,

      You do not have to rip pages for scanning. That would be a disaster. For some tips and tricks on scanning you can see this post. You can also use a digital camera for scanning, but the consistency and clarity of scan may not be there and you have to take extra effort to ensure that. If you need any further help, please do not hesitate to ask.



    • Siddharth says:

      Have you scanned the Hindi version?


  6. I cannot thank you enough for making these books available once again. I grew up on these books. ‘Space Adventures’ was a constant companion from about age seven onwards. Later, when my interest in science reached its peak, my father surprised me with Perelman’s Physics can be Fun and Mathematics can be Fun. This led to all those pocket-sized books on science. My mother is of a rather generous disposition. So without asking me she gave away most all those books, especially the Perelmans I treasured for years. Which was wonderful no doubt, but what about my own children? The Eastern Bloc had collapsed a decade ago, these books were no longer available, and I certainly did not want my kids to grow up on dumbed-down Americanised trash. My daughter will be three very soon, and when she starts reading she will have access to at least soft copies of these wonderfully written books. Many, many thanks once again, appreciate this kind of work immensely.


  7. Lâm says:

    Thanks The Mitr
    I just get a hard copy of this book, tonight 🙂
    It is old, but when I hold it, I feel like a YOUNG READS again.


  8. A95M says:

    The links don’t work…


  9. I read this book while I was in 6th standard. Marvellous book to read.


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