On The Neuronal Organization of The Brain – Poliakov

In this post we see a book on neuroscience titled On The Neuronal Organization of The Brain by G. I. Poliakov. Though much of the material in the book may be dated.


This monograph is devoted to a description of certain processesrelating to the establishment, development, complication, andperfection of the orgnniza tion of reflex mechanisms in the evolutionof animal organisms. The material outlined in our present work is, of course, only afragment of the future theory of the neuronal organization of thebrain.

The book was translated from the Russian by H. C. Creighton and was first published by Mir Publishers in 1971.

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(Note: I did not have access to original cover, so created one. If you have access to the cover please post a link in the comments. Some foldout illustrations maybe missing from the scan.)

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Chapter I
Reflex Mechanism of the Brain

1. Organs of Signalling Activity 1
2. Basic Divisions of the Nervous System 15
3. The Coordination Mechanism 30
4. The Analyser-coordination Mechanism 47
5. The Analyser Systems 54

Chapter II
Regulation, Control and Direction in the Animal Organism

1. The Problem 61
2. The Functional Significance and Interconnections of Reflex Mechanisms of Different Levels of Organization 62
3. Auto-regulation and Regulation 73
4. Auto-control and Control 75
5. General Character of Auto-direction and Direction 78
6. Auto-direction (‘Unfree’ or Automatic Direction) 80
7. Direction Proper CFree’ or Voluntary and Automatized Direction) 82
8 Psychophysiological Aspects of the Problem of Direction 93
9. The Relation of the Functions of Auto/regulation, Auto/control, and Auto/direction from the Standpoint of Evolution 98

Chapter III
The Neuronal Network

1. The Origin and Complication of the Neuronal Network 103
2. Progressive Differentiation of Neurons 106
3. Internuncial Neurons and Their Role in Reflex Activity 111
4. Forms of Contacts and Functional Interconnections between Neurons 120

Chapter IV
The Basic Scheme of Switches in the Neuronal Network

1. The Central Switching Apparatus in Analysers 127
2 Central Nervous Apparatuses for Perception and Imprinting 135
3. Structural Basis of Functional Localization in the Cortex 140
4 General Scheme of Interconnections between the Various Switching Levels in the Analysers 148

Conclusion 159

References 165

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2 Responses to On The Neuronal Organization of The Brain – Poliakov

  1. Siddharth says:


    I have come to know about some of following books of Perelman from Wikipedia:
    “Arithmetic for entertainment”
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    “Geometry for Entertainment”
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    Some of them are available online in Russian language, but I don’t know about English versions.

    Do you have any of these in hard copy ?


  2. Rahul Kashyap says:

    Could you please put it on internet archive and provide link here?
    The current link doesn’t work for me.


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