Update – Piskunov

New links / magnet links for N. Piskunov Differential and Integral Calculus have been created. These links have also been added to the original post.

Link 1 at The Internet Archive (direct link and torrent) here.

(We are trying the wonderful Internet Archive with this post, if it goes well with us, we will have alternative links there.)

Link 2 at TBP here.

Check and let me know if there are any problems.

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6 Responses to Update – Piskunov

  1. m95 says:

    Very wonderful post, thanks a lot


  2. algarn says:

    Thanks a lot. awaiting for Vol 2


  3. Israerus says:

    In spanish Piskunov have 2 volumes


  4. Ravi says:

    This only provides link to volume 1, volume 2 link is missing


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