Yakov Perelman – New Links

New (magnet/ torrent/ direct) links  (TPB and IA and 4shared: this is the order of links for each file) for Yakov Perelman’s books.  Will also update the new links in the original posts soon, the old links (filecloud) are working as well.

Algebra Can Be Fun here and here and here.

Astronomy for Entertainment here and here and here.

Fun With Maths and Physics here and here and here.

Figures for Fun here and here and here.

Physics for Entertainment   Vol 1 and 2 here | Vol 1 here and Vol 2 here | Vol 1 here and Vol 2 here.

Thanks to Biju for 4shared links.

Password, if required, for 4shared files: http://www.mirtitles.org

Please share and seed and report if there are any problems.

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19 Responses to Yakov Perelman – New Links

  1. shakti says:

    Dear Dmitr,
    The present downloading sites are atrocious!
    The previous one was much better. I preferably wont like to register or download any exe file from anywhere. A simple downloading option is prefrable even if a little slower.


    • damitr says:

      Which present ones, and which earlier ones? If you are talking about ifile, then ifile has become filecloud now. And for the second links in this post the (IA ones) there is no need for any other downloads. Rest are magnet links (at TPB and IA) and 4shared and BTW the filecloud links are still working.



  2. Rajam says:

    Found some soviet books.
    Baby animals Raduga (banrdg.rar) http://filecloud.io/a1mf4gji
    Laboratory exercises in general Chemistry, Semishin, peace publishers (labexchem) http://filecloud.io/7m9vxb5j
    Radio Recievers, V.Barkan, V.Zhdanov MIR (radrec.rar) http://filecloud.io/oivfm8zp
    the theory of elasticty filoneko borodich (elast.rar) http://filecloud.io/3eatnc8b
    V sukhomlinsky on education raduga (education.rar) http://filecloud.io/xu10objz
    password: mirtitles
    winRar is required to extract.


  3. Muthuvel says:

    I have nice book about physics problems in the sprite of tarasov questions and problems in high school physics, tried to translate from russian to english with google translate…
    It works like charm.
    But then only the text not the equations, figures, so i need some vlounterr to translate this book per chaper then we can upload here

    Any friends please


  4. ankitphysics says:

    i can help you send me ebook or what should i do for you.I will translate figures and equations.


    • Muthuvel says:

      Ankit great to know you are interested, i will send you the book russian , its is ocr,
      Please send me your email address…we can translate and upload here.
      I have kinematics method in geometry, problems and ssolutions in physics


  5. Thanks for posting the books. I wish more books will be available in the electronic format soon


  6. arko says:

    is yakov perelman’s ‘physics can be fun ‘ available ?can u please provide me the link?


  7. kom says:

    can anyone tell me the password to open RAR file



  8. narendra says:

    thank you mirtitles


  9. Siddharth says:

    I have found following book from http://www.dli.ernet.in :-
    Manoranjak Bhautiki by Yakov Perelman (Hindi translation of “Physics for Entertainment”)
    Download link is: http://filecloud.io/hqur54kv
    All credits to DLI (IISC) team

    Also, I have found 2 Bengali books:
    1) Bengali Translation of “Drawing Game” by Yakov Perelman, that is অঙ্কের খেলা – ইয়াকভ পেরেলমান
    Download link is http://sovietbooksinbengali.blogspot.in/2014/06/AnkerKhyala-YakovPerelman.html
    2) Bengali Translation of “When Daddy Was A Little Boy” by Alexander Raskin, that is বাবা যখন ছোটো – আলেক্সান্দর রাস্কিন
    Download link is http://sovietbooksinbengali.blogspot.in/2014/01/BabaJakhonChhoto-AlexanderRaskin.html
    All credits to Prosenjit Benerjee, Somnath Das Gupta & their team for preparing this excellent website http://sovietbooksinbengali.blogspot.in


  10. Rakesh Mohan Sharma says:

    Manoranjak bhautiki is one of the best books I have ever read…


  11. Hitesh says:

    I have some extra copies of “Physics can be fun” by Perelman. If anyone interested can contact me at-
    hitesh29 [at] gmail [dot] com


  12. A.K.SINGH says:

    Can I get Mechanics by Yakov Perelman


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