Some Good News…

We have not been posting for some time, but here is some good news for the future.

Got hold of following books recently:

Lev Tarasov – The World is Built on Probability

Ju. A. Schreider – Equality, Resemblance and Order

E. Knorre – A Visit to Transurania

K. I. Shcholkin – Physics of the Microworld

E. I. Parnov – At Crossroads of Infinities

G.V. Voitkevich – Origin and Chemical Evolution of the Earth  – Science for Everyone Series

V.I. Varshavsky, D.A. Pospelov – Puppets Without Strings – Science for Everyone Series

Though, almost a fortune was paid to get these, they are worth a fortune.



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38 Responses to Some Good News…

  1. muthuvel says:

    great, great man,,,,,thanks for the generosity…..hope to see the books online soon

  2. Hari says:

    Thanks dude, please check your library and upload any math related titles.

  3. m95 says:

    Thanks a lot damiter for this great effort

  4. riya says:

    Aha ! Finally tarasov’s probability book . Really can’t thank you enough damitr . Seriously

  5. Saji says:

    Thats Gr8.I could manage to find these.Let me know if you have them or else I will try to upload them.
    1. Problems in Physics by I P Guruskii.
    2. Advances in Polymer Science by V V Korshak (Chemistry Series).
    3. Basic Methods of Organic MicroAnalysis by V A Klimova.

    • damitr says:

      Guruskii, we have, but the other two not. But its not processed or scanned. It would be great if you can scan all three.


  6. sa says:

    and Damitr whenever you upload the books , Please upload The World Is Built On Probability , first . PLease. And a little impatient , but I want to know when can I expect it to be online ?:)

  7. Ganeshkumar says:

    Great Damitr… Thanks in advance. Do You have ‘General Chemistry’ by Glinka?

  8. Ramani Krithivasan says:

    Great News, my heartiest congrats. Also please upload the Handbook of higher Mathematics – Vygodsky.
    and A.N.Matveev Mechanics and Theory of Relativity, Mo;ecular Physics.

  9. sa says:

    and Damitr till the time you upload the books . I guess you must have read The world is built on probability partially , How is the book ? 😀 . please tell . 🙂

  10. varun says:

    my dear friend please upload the book “K. I. Shcholkin – Physics of the Microworld”.
    i will be greatly thankful and will try to contribute to the site with my mir books.

  11. Richa says:

    When will these books be uploaded on the site ?

  12. André says:

    Big Damitr!!! Good news.

    But, where are MIR’s the engineering books (antenna, radiofrequency, microwave…)?

    :<( Waah!!

  13. Muthuvel says:

    Common damitr..its been too long!,,,,please save us!….problem physics, math series and otherd

    • damitr says:

      Some more good news:
      Problems in Theoretical Physics by Grechko et al. is with us.
      For those who do not know, this is the problem book for the Landau and Lifshits Theoretical Physics course and is supposed to be rare.
      But for the posts please bear for some more time, we will start posting soon again.


      • anthropos says:

        How is Grechko coming along?

      • anthropos says:

        I really hope Grechko is on the agenda for June, only the Russian version is currently available 😦

        • anthropos says:

          Using google translate

          on the Grechko book works very very nicely! From the intro to the book:

          “In the “Collection of problems in theoretical physics,” asked collected, much of which was offered for several years on the practical classes conducted for courses in classical mechanics, electrodynamics, quantum mechanics and statistical physics in Kiev Order of Lenin State University. Taras Shevchenko. Content corresponds to the program benefits of these courses for universities approved by the Ministry of Higher and Special Education srednega USSR.

          In compiling this collection was basically used “Course of Theoretical Physics” by Landau and Lifshitz, and other textbooks and manuals recommended program in theoretical physics for universities. Some tasks were taken from already published collections of tasks listed at the end of the book, but many tasks are original. The authors note that the decision given in the collection of tasks involves a solid basic knowledge of theoretical physics course, which are summarized in each section of this manual. Tasks are given in the International System of Units (SI).

          Section tasks on classical mechanics compiled AM Fedor Marchenko, on electrodynamics – VI Sugakovym, statistical physics and thermodynamics-L. G. Grechko, quantum mechanics – O. Tomasevich.


  14. chatnoir says:

    I am quite glad that there are a few other people around the world with quite the same taste, at least in science, as me.

  15. Sanghapah says:

    thnxs ma man damitr

  16. Sundance says:

    Good news. Keep up the good work, damitr; your efforts are much appreciated here.

    …and please don’t forget Vygodsky’s Handbook of higher Mathematics– and, if possible, the Elementary one as well, as it’s doesn’t seem to be uploaded here. (I did find a link by one of the commentators, It was broken though.) Thank you.

  17. sir,
    i am also in possession of a few books, some in english and somei in hindi; physically.
    let me know how you upload all these books?

    • damitr says:

      The first step for uploading books is to scan them. Minimum at 300 dpi, and then use tools for making the pdfs.
      Let me know if you need any particular help in this regard.

  18. db.jan says:

    When you upload Physics of the Microworld?
    We are still waiting…

  19. RJ says:

    Is the World Built on probability …tarasov, available to download yet ? Thanks

    • damitr says:

      The World is indeed built on probability, but it is not available for download yet. ETA: couple of months.


      • Ritankar Ghosh says:

        Hello bhaiya:
        Got hold of some books of Mir namely:
        A.S.Kompaneyets Theoretical physics foreign publishing house.
        Physics of the 20th century history and outlook
        E.A.Nersesov Fundamentals of atomic and nuclear physics
        Linear algebra by V.A.Illyin and E.G.Poznak
        Introduction to plasma physics by B.M.Smirnov
        Gravitation and elementary particle physics The USSR academy of science series ( like the book by Lifshits)
        I would like to know how to scan these and where to upload these but would start the process from 1st July probably since my entrance exams are not over.
        Thank you😊

  20. Pawan says:

    Great work and most useful website. I think I can bring some MIR books from my place and give it to you.

  21. db.jan says:

    Mr.damitr we can see books title”Some Good News…” in this year?

  22. Prof. K. Sankaran says:

    Can you please upload the books by
    Ju. A. Schreider – Equality, Resemblance and Order
    K. I. Shcholkin – Physics of the Microworld
    E. I. Parnov – At Crossroads of Infinities

    I thank you a lot for your excellent contribution. It is beyond words when I see these books available online. Thanks a lot!!!!

    Best regards, K. Sankaran

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