World View!

We have gone global now. Initially mostly people from India (though, even now they are majority) landed on the site, but now people from (almost) all parts of the world are visiting us! Just look at the visitor charts compiled over last two days:

… and apologies for trackers (WordPress Stats) on the site, which made these charts possible. They have been imposed, as we are using WP (on last count here are the 6 trackers that you might find on our site: Gravity Insights, Google Analytics, KissMetrics, Optimizley, Quantcast, Wodrpress Stats). In case you don’t know already what internet trackers are, then you must know, PLEASE take some time off to know more about them and how to beat them. If you are using Firefox (you should be using Firefox), then collusion provides a real time display of who is tracking you. Seeing for the first time how many people are tracking you, across different websites that you visit, and who is providing information to whom can be quite eerie and leave you cold.

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14 Responses to World View!

  1. biju says:

    hats off Damitr


  2. Aditya says:

    congrats hard work finally pays u


  3. Kevaurn Jeams says:

    Awesomeness at its peak!!! A big congo for this work of yours D… šŸ™‚
    And real thanks about the info on Trackers…i never knew about them.. :-p


  4. Ahmed says:

    Oh That’s me from Saudi Arabia


  5. Rohit says:

    Bravo, Keep Going……


  6. vogelfrei01 says:

    Thatā€™s me from morocco!!


  7. Kaspar Hauser says:

    Gretings from Italy! I am waiting for A.I. Markushevich “Complex numbers and conformal mappings” and A.G. Kurosh “Algebraic equations of arbitrary degrees” in Little Mathematics Library.


  8. chatnoir says:

    This is kaveh from Iran. I have downloaded almost every book on this site. Thanks a lot!


    • db.jan says:

      I am Iranian.
      I’m studying in the field of Chemistry.
      Mr. Kaveh what university are you?
      Ā  What field are you studying?


      • chatnoir says:

        To db.jan: I studied at Tehran and Sharif in Iran. Now I am studying mathematics in USA. At the time of last comment I was in Iran for a trip. Soviet books are unique. I have collected about 200 of them in math and physics. How about you? where do you study?


        • db.jan says:

          To Mr.kaveh :
          I studied at damghan university and now studying in iran polymer institute.
          I like you believe mir publisher is unique.
          Unfortunately this books in my field is rare or at least I could not find.


  9. rohanindia24 says:

    eagerly waiting for world is built on probability


  10. Tom says:

    one of the treasury for knowledge, please keep it on for all of the world, I give the most appreciate to this website.Most of the books even old but it is very very usefull.Thanks/Thomas


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