Electrons, Phonons and Magnons

It is a book about the methods of interpreting macroscopic effects, 
about the  relationship between solid state physics and quantum 
mechanics, about the creation and use of new concepts.... 
I have also pursued another goal—to "lift the veil" by explaining 
how the results are obtained and not restricting the presentation 
to an itemization of the results.

We have earlier seen book by M. I Kaganov (and I. M. Lifshits) titled Quasi Particles we now come to another book by the title Electrons, Phonons and Magnons.

Back cover of the book says:

The book introduces the reader to the fascinating world of solid state physics as governed by quantum mechanics. It gives a clear exposition of the dynamics of the crystal lattice (propagation of waves, heat conduction and similar problems), of electric phenomena in crystals in conjunction with the properties of the lattice and of the magnetic properties of the crystals.

The author using almost no formulas, manages to give a complete explanation of the nature of phenomena. An attentive reader will find in this book a lot more than is found on the surface and will appreciate its very personal style.

The book was translated from the Russian by V. I Kissin and was first published by Mir in 1981.

All credits to the original uploader.

You can get the book here.

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Instead of an Introduction: Languages of Science 7

Chapter 1. On Physics in General and Quantum Mechanics in  Particular 13

Introduction to the Next Five Chapters: Solid State Physics 92

Chapter 2. Phonons 109

Chapter 3. Two Statistics 146

Chapter 4. Electrons 168

Chapter 5. Electrons and Phonons 190

Chapter 6. Magnons 222

Concluding Remarks 259

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