Quasi Particles – M. I. Kaganov and I. M. Lifshits

We come to Quasi Particles by M. I. Kaganov and I. M. Lifshits. A wonderful little book on solid state physics. The back cover says:

This book, “Quasiparticles (Ideas and principles of solid state quantum physics)“, was written by two outstanding specialists in the solid state quantum theory. The book is meant for a broad circle of readers. It contains no complicated mathematical formulas, nor derivations of them. The authors base the presentation on analogies, assuming their readers to possess certain degree of intuition in the field of physics. The book tells how atomic particles move inside solids, what is meant by the term “thermal motion”, and how the characteristics of motion of atomic particles are revealed in the macroscopic properties of solids.

And the foreword says:

A number of approaches can be chosen to describe the state-of-the-arts in a sufficiently mature field of science. The choice lies with the author, and reflects his tastes, habits, and experience. This book is our attempt to present the basic concepts (or those we regard as basic) of the quantum theory of solid state, paying maximum attention to answering the question that we selected as a heading for the first chapter, viz. “What Are the Components of .. ?”, A favourite image the authors had invariably kept in mind was: an inquisitive boy is dismantling a toy car trying to understand what its parts are; he holds the car’s skeleton in his hand, and bolts and wheels are in a pile on the floor. It was not, however, our intent to reassemble the “car” after its structure has been analyzed, and to give a detailed account of· its functioning. The reader, we assume, had met with the “functioning” of solid state devices more than once; the properties of such devices make the subject of many an excellent book.

The book was translated from the Russian by V. Kissin and was first published by Mir in 1979.

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The table of contents is as under.

Foreword 5
What are the components of … ? 7
Photons 11
Bosons and fermions 14
Quantum statistics 15
Gas of fermions (Fermi-Dirac degeneration) 18
Gas of bosons (Bose-Einstein degeneration) 20
Energy spectrum 22
Phonons 25
Phonons in helium 32
Magnons, etc. 35
Electrons. Energy bands 37
p-Space 39
Metals (conductors), insulators,
semiconductors, and semimetals 41
Electrons and holes 46
Landau Fermi liquid 49
More on electrons and holes 52
Waves in electron gas- 53
Excitons 55
Polarons, Fluctuons, etc. 56
Half-way finish 59
Colliding quasiparticles 61
Additional complications 6S
Digression on phase transitions 73
Quantum crystals. Quantum diffusion. Vacancions 79
Undamped macroscopic motions 87
Concluding remarks.
Solid state physics and molecular biology 93

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12 Responses to Quasi Particles – M. I. Kaganov and I. M. Lifshits

  1. Here books on Physics from MIR publishers :
    1.Near Absolute Zero by V. Edelman
    2.Talks on the Refraction of Light by L. Tarasov and A. Tarasova
    3.How particles are recorded by A. Borovoi
    4.Understanding the Kinematics by G. Kopylov
    5.Short Course of Theoretical Physics vol.1&vol.2 by L. Landau and E. Lifshitz
    6.Course of General Physics – Mechanics and Molecular Physics by L. Landau
    7.General Physics Course vol.1,vol.2&vol.3 by I.V. Saveliev
    8.General Physics Course vol.1,vol.2&vol3 by S. Frish and A. Timoreva
    9.Equations of Mathematical Physics by A. Tikhonov and A. Samarsk
    10.Live Glass by Ya. E.Gueguzin
    11.The Failure of Paradoxes by I. Radunskaya
    12.Relativistic World by V. Dubrovsky
    13.Electricity and Magnetism by A.N. Matveev
    14.Classical Electrodynamics by M. Bredov
    15.Quantum Electrodynamics by A.A. Sokolov
    16.Electrodynamics and Radio Wave Propagation by V.V. Nikolski
    17.Experiment Theory Practice by P. Kapitsa
    18.Fiberoptics by D.K. Sattarov
    19.Physics Series :
    Physics 1 by A.V. Piorishkin and N.A. Rodina
    Physics 2 by IK Kikoin
    Physics 3 by B.B. Bujovtsev
    Physics 4 by G. Ya. Miakishev and BB Bujovtsev
    20.Semiconductor Physics by K.V. Shalimova
    21.Solid State Physics by P.V. Pavlov
    22.Plasma Physics by V. Milantiev
    23.Examples and Problems Physics by E. Butikov,A. Bikov and A. Kondratiev
    24.Molecular Physics by A.N. Matveev
    25.Recreational Physics vol.1&vol.2 by Y. Perelman
    26.Physics and Geometry of Disorder by A. Efros
    27.Foundations of Electrodynamics by N.N. Fedorov
    28.Fundamentals of Radio Electronics by E. Manaev
    29.Introductory Physics by A.I.Kitaigorodski
    30.Introduction to Quantum Physics by L.L. Goldin – G.I. Novikova
    31.Introduction to the Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations by N.V. Butenin
    32.The Nature of Magnetism by M. Kaganov – V. Tsukernik
    33.Handbook of Physics by B. Yavorski and A. Detlaf
    34.Mechanics by S. Strelkov
    35.Industrial Mechanics by F. Sokolov and P. Usov
    36.Mechanics for Everyone by Y. Perelman
    37.Theoretical Mechanics by V.M. Starzhinski
    38.Theoretical Mechanics Exercises and Problems vol.1&vol.2 by M. Bath
    39.Measurement of Small Forces in Physical Experiments by V.B. Braguinski
    40.Measurements and apparatus to perform thermo techniques vol.1&vol.2 by V. Preobrazhensky
    41.Radio Measurements by F.V. Kushnir
    42.Methods of Statistical Physics by A.I. Ahiezer and S.V. Peletminski
    43.Movement of charged particles in electric and magnetic fields by L. Artsimovich and S.Lukianov
    44.Our Planet Earth by A. Bialko
    45.Olympiad Physics by I. SH. Slobodetski
    46.Paradoxes and Fallacies Physical by V. Langue
    47.Optics vol.1&vol.2 by G.S. Landsberg
    48.Waves around us by B. Kadomtsev and V. Rydnik
    49.Problems of Mathematical Physics Equations by M.M. Smirnov
    50.Physical crystallography Problems by N. Perelomova and M. Taguieva
    51.Classical Electrodynamics Problems by A.I. Alekseev
    52.Problems of Electrical and Electronic Engineering by V. Petrov and L. Shliapintoj
    53.Physics Problems by S. Kosel
    54.Physics Problems by Ya. Savchenko
    55.Problems of Physics by A.Inclan and J.Manas
    56.Problems in General Physics by V. Volkenshtéin
    57.Problems in Classical Mechanics GL Kotkin and G. Serbo
    58.Problems of Theoretical Mechanics by I. Mesherski
    59.Problems in Heat transfer by E.A. Krasnoschiokov – A.S. Sukomiel
    60.Selected Problems on Elemental Physics by B.B. Bujovtsev
    61.Physics Problems and exercises by R. Gladkova
    62.What is Quantum Mechanics? by V.I. Ridnik
    63.What is the Theory of Relativity by L. Landau and Y. Rumer
    64.You know Physics? by Y. Perelman
    65.Spectroscopy Technique and Practice by A.N. Zaidel
    66.Theory of Solids by A.Davidov
    67.Thermotechnology by A.P. Baskakov
    68.Relativistic Theory of Gravitation by A. Logunov and M. Mestvirishvili
    69.Time and Measurement by F. Zavelski
    Comments and Suggestions will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks for taking interest.


  2. Hello Ankit! Do you have all the books you mentioned?


  3. mir_fan says:

    Unable to open the zip file . It says in winrar “unknown method in pdf”. Can you pls check ?


  4. Raj says:

    Cannot extract some of the files from the zip. Giving an unspecified error


  5. ankitphysics says:

    Dear khilavmajmudar
    No I just mentioned but some of them I have.


  6. Dear khilavmajmudar
    No I just mentioned but some of them I have.


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