Yakov Perelman – Figures For Fun

We now come to another book by Yakov Perelman called Figures for Fun. Again this work went through a lot of editions and was translated into many Indian languages.

From the Preface

To read and enjoy this book it will suffice to possess a modest
knowledge of mathematics, i.e., knowledge of arithmetical rules
and elementary geometry. Very few problems require the ability of
forming and solving equations and the simplest at that.
The table of contents, as you may see, is quite diversified: the
subjects range from a motley collection of conundrums and mathematical stunts to useful practical prob]enls on counting and measuring.
The author has done everything to make his book as fresh as possible,
avoiding repetition of all that has already appeared in his other
works (Tricks and Amusements, Interesting Problems, etc.). The
reader will find a hundred or so brain-teasers that have not been
included in earlier books. Chapter VI – “Number Giants” – is
adapted from one of the author’s earlier pamphlets, with four new
stories added.

This edition was published by Foreign Languages Publishing House, published perhaps in the 1950s. The book was translated from the Russian by G. Ivanov-Mumjiev and was designed by D. Bistt.

You can get the book here.

All credits to the original uploader.


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19 Responses to Yakov Perelman – Figures For Fun

  1. chur says:

    “You need to be a premium member in order to download this file.”


    • damitr says:

      No it is not needed. Try with different browser.



      • chur says:

        I have tried with 3 different browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Explorer). Same thing happens.

        Maybe you can consider hosting the files somewhere else? Filepost, 4shared?


        • damitr says:

          Confirmed that there is no problem with downloading, you DO NOT require premium for download. Maybe you need to enter captcha, which will prove that you are human indeed.



          • chur says:

            Now it works, the problem wasn NOT the captcha. I know how they work.
            ifile.it is accepted by the internet community as one of the worst filesharing websites. You should consider switching to a better one.

            Much appreciated,


  2. sundar says:

    actually you have posted the previous book, “Algebra can be fun” instead of “Figures for fun”
    Please correct.



  3. Biju Jose says:

    hi damitr
    whenever i try to download and enter the captcha it says “Unable to issue download ticket at this time, please try again at a later.”
    what shall i do


  4. anag says:

    The djvu cannot be opened by evince.. anyone is successful with any other djvu reader?


  5. anag says:

    ! C:\Users\anag\Downloads\Figures_for_Fun__Stories_and_Conundrums.zip: Unknown method in Figures_for_Fun__Stories_and_Conundrums.djvu
    ! C:\Users\anag\Downloads\Figures_for_Fun__Stories_and_Conundrums.zip: No files to extract

    The above is the error I get with evince and djview both. I’m using win7. Should I try in ubuntu?


  6. attores says:

    im not able to download


  7. The Mitr says:

    Update: Added Internet Archive Link | 07 December 2015



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