Check this post regularly for updates on the link status of various books!

Update 1 :

A new and improved (better clean up, OCRed, bookmarked) version of Tarasov’s book This Amazingly Symmetric World has been upped.

The LaTeX Version

Scanned version

The link in the main post has also been updated.

Will try to re-up the rest (new and improved versions) of Tarasov with two new additions (Laser Physics, and Laser Physics and Applications) this week.

Check this post for more updates, till we get back on track.


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11 Responses to Updates…

  1. Ahmed says:

    I’ve uploaded all books from your site that I have.



  2. db.jan says:

    Please put books wonderful chemistry of this publication.


  3. Damitr Bro
    When other links will be updated.


    • damitr says:

      Soon. I have been super-duper busy, and will be for some time to come. Meanwhile I am trying to find better versions of books to update the links with, so the delay. But at the same time, you can help by posting links in the comments of the respective posts.



  4. Ahmed says:


    I’ve uploaded books from you to google account here is a link :


  5. rohanindia24 says:

    Hi Damitr I was in search of this title from a long time thanks for putting it up do you have the title The world is built on probability by the same author….it would be grateful to have this book…


  6. gnv64 says:

    Hi Damitr,
    I have uploaded “The Grand Biological Clock” finally!

    The Grand Biological Clock (Science for Everyone series)
    By V.M. Dilman
    Translated from the Russian by M. Rosenberg
    Mir Publishers, Moscow | January 1989 | ISBN 5-03-000769-5 | 424 pages | 8.7 mb

    Introduction 7
    Chapter 1. Hierarchy of Control in the Organism: the Role of the Hypothalamus 31
    Chapter 2. Stress and Diseases 50
    Chapter 3. The Law of Deviation of Ho-meostasis 69
    Chapter 4. Hyperadaptosis: a Normal Dis-ease of tne Adaptational Ho-meostat 96
    Chapter 5. The Climacteric: Normal Dis-ease of the Reproductive System 106
    Chapter 6. Age-Related Changes in Appe-tite Regulation 126
    Chapter 7. Obesity: a Normal Disease of Energy Homeostat 139
    Chapter 8. Obesity: The Disease of Dis-eases 151
    Chapter 9. Atherosclerosis and Metabolic Immunodepression 163
    Chapter 10. Cancer and Cancrophilia 184
    Chapter 11. Aging: the Most Universal Dis-ease. The Role of Random and Regular Processes 227
    Chapter 12. Four Models of Disease De-velopment 275
    Chapter 13. What Is the Norm, or the Grand Biological Clock and the “Certificate of Health” 293
    Chapter 14, Age-Related Norm and Accele-rated Development 304
    Chapter 15. The Female and the Male: Four and Three Stages of Life 315
    Chapter 16. To Treat or Not to Treat? How to Retard Aging 324
    Chapter 17. On the Path to Integral Medicine 353
    Epilogue 395
    Subject Index 422

    It has OCR, bookmarks & covers.
    You can download it from here:

    Click to access The_Grand_Biological_Clock_%28gnv64%29.pdf


  7. prajesh7 says:

    damitr sir, I could not down load it from above


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