All the links are dead!

All the links to all the post are dead!

Will see what can be done, and update you soon.

Thanks NK for pointing out.

Update: will start uploading enhanced/better versions of all files soon.


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27 Responses to All the links are dead!

  1. Damitr Bro
    How much time you take to relink the links?Plz tell!!!!


  2. somen says:

    hello damitr,

    when you will start posting new post.plz do mention it.


  3. Ahmed says:

    How is it bad even is closed.
    Upload your file to Google document it’s a good (you can put all books into one zip file)
    See here is an example :
    The size of file is about 800 MB !


  4. Yogendran says:

    Would it be possible to make the entire Mir collection on a CD –
    to be made available on request. Or in the form
    of torrents.


  5. Vivek Rai says:

    Yes. Mediafire or 4shared would be the best option.


  6. Ahmed says:

    Hello Damitr ,
    Here is an incredible library see for examble this link about mir books
    It’s difficult to find good share file because of sopa law , We take action against company like joining to free community as gnu .
    What is about archive .
    By the way I am uploading books that I have downloaded from you right now to google .


    • damitr says:

      Please post the links to the books in the comments of the respective posts. That would be a great help to maintain this site. Also just for safety make sure that the files are in some sort of archive with password (and please post the password!) with the link.


  7. Saiba says:

    Hey, I have two Mir publications from long ago: Probabilities of the Quantum World and How do we see what we see. Both had been absolutely fascinating reads and led me to other interesting books on those topics.
    I will be thankful to anybody who can tell me if I can buy the other books somewhere in Delhi (Some book fair, maybe?), or if I can download them from Internet.


    • damitr says:

      Since you are in Delhi, you are lucky. You won’t get any of these books in shops or fairs, as now they are out of print for almost 25 years. Try your luck at the Daryaganj used book market on Sundays, its a wonderful experience for bibliophiles.


      PS: We had How We See What We See, some time back here. Will try to update the dead link soon.
      PPS: I have not seen Probabilities of Quantum World (Demidov I guess), if you could scan that, it would be great.


      • Saiba says:

        Thanks for the tip. A Daryaganj trip had been on cards since some time, this gives me more incentive.
        Probabilities of Quantum World was a book that completely took me by surprise. It had a rather interesting history of Niels Bohr vs. Einstein when latter’s beliefs were challenged by new discoveries. A rather engaging account of how the various pioneers accomplished their insights and how they dealt with them. The book was somewhere between a textbook and a thriller version of scientific history.

        P.S: A friend of my currently possesses my copy. Will try to scan and upload it once I get it back.


  8. ati says:

    Hi guys,

    i have downloaded most of the books here. if anybody needs it by email, send me email
    at . i will try to send the books if emails are few. i can’t handle
    100’s of email requests. everybody who has the books, please donate it like me. since megaupload has gone down, big business is screwing everybody. let them not win..


    • damitr says:

      Posting by emails is not a very good idea, as you need to do it on a person to person basis. What can be done is to post links (on any site, but put the files into some archive (zip or otherwise) and please post the password also) to the old files in the comments of the same post, till we get up the site back to its normal state!


  9. ankur says:

    Ok… guys i m making a torrent (due to requests above and all the chaos thats happening… and thats the least i can do to contribute) of all the books uploaded by Damitr.

    Will upload to thepiratebay probably and will let you guyz know eventually (might take some time due to xams)


  10. ankur says:

    and btw i have the book probabilities of the quantun world (got it from a friend when i was in tenth grade (: … its by daniel danin not by demidov though) and some other books; one on electronics, other on machine drawing and the third on extremal problems…


  11. Hey, I have plenty of space on my site. If you wish, I can create an subdomain with unlimited space/bandwich for uploading the books!

    My domain is . I use it for some things related to my hometown. Contact me if you’re interested! I’m a big fan of the Mir books and I’ll be very happy in providing hosting for it.


  12. Droft T says:

    Hi,Can u please upload the books on kinematics and semiconductors(I need then for engineering entrance competitions),


  13. Kevaurn Jeams says:

    Aren’t there any other sites like this one, or used to exist) , etc…if have any information bout any other such post their links..thanks!!


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