Some recent discoveries

First of all thanks to Siddharth for his amazing and non-stop efforts in bringing out some many links to us.

Perhaps we need to make a separate post for his books!

From now on we will shift completely to The Internet Archive for links. In case you find a broken link and have the file, please provide alternate links.

Recently I found a few gems at a raddiwala shop. Here are a few glimpses

new-01 new-02 new-03

All of them (plus a few non-soviet books) for a little over Rs. 100!

Just a couple of months more and we will be back in business…

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Update: Books in Comments

It has been a while since anything new was posted by me. But many good natured people have invested their time and efforts to keep the book coming. This post is for bringing forth those contributions and contributors. Chances are that many might not know about these books as the links were posted in comments of various other posts. Hence this short post. Detailed posts with contents, info etc. will follow later. And please do add more links. Apologies for mistakes and omissions, please let me know if I have missed any.

Thanks to Siddharth for following titles and links

Holography and its application by Ostrovsky (MIR Publishers, 1977)

Selected Questions and Problems in Physics by Gladkova Kutylovskaya (MIR Publishers 1989)
Link1 Link2

A Brief Course In Analytic Geometry Yefimov (Peace Publishers.)

The Electric Welder by Tsegelsky (Foreign Languages Publishing House)

The Life Of The Plant by Timiryazev, Kliment. (Foreign Languages Publishing House)

Fundamentals Of Geology by Obruchev,V (Foreign Langurges Publishing House)

Electric Slag Welding by Paton (Foreign Languages Publishing House)

Pseydoanonymous Greek submitted links below:

General Methods for Solving Physics Problems by Belikov
Link1 Link2

A Course of Differential Geometry and Topology by Fomenko et al.
Link Link2

Problems in Differential Geometry and Topology by Fomenko et al.

Problems of Mathematical Physics by Lebedev
Link Link2

Worked Problems in Applied Mathematics by Lebedev
Link Link2

Selected Problems on Physics by Myasnikov, Osanova
Link Link2

The Kiselev books are not from Mir/Soviet era publishers so I have not included them.

Thanks to Tor, Shovon, Pseydoanonymous Greek for the one below:

Senior Physics 1 by  Kikoin, Kikoin
Link Link2

Thanks to db.jan for this one

Strength of Materials by Belyaev
Link Link

Thanks to itanveer for following title:

ABC’s of Quantum Mechanics by Rydnik

Link Link2

Thanks to idkwhii for the one below:

Physics of the 20th Century: History and Outlook by Velikhov


PS: I am terribly busy in finishing my thesis (wish me all the luck!), so it will be a couple of months (hopefully!) before I begin posting again!

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A Million Thanks!!

Today Mirtitles has had its first million views!

A million thanks to all those who made the efforts to make this site the place it is and all those who spread the good word.

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New Bookshelf has arrived…

After some wait, finally got a new book shelf. Books are still not arranged in a proper way. All due to my procrastination. Books have been just brought out of boxes.

D's Bookshelves IMG_4055 IMG_4056 IMG_4058

The last one is the new one!

Each shelf has atleast two, sometimes three of four layers of books…

And yet I need more book shelves, as books always keep coming towards me…

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Electricity and Magnetism – Matveev

We now come to a long awaited book by A. N. Matveev. Sometime back we had seen his Mechanics and Theory of Relativity. In this post we will see Electricity and Magnetism. This book is a part of 5 book course by A. N. Matveev.


This course reflects the present level of advancement in science and takes into account the changes in the general physics curriculum.

About the book:

This course mainly aims at the description of the experimental substantiation of the theory of electromagnetism and the formulation of the theory in the local form, i.e. in the form of relations between physical quantities at the same point in space and time. In most cases, these relations are expressed in the form of differential equations. However, it is not the differential form but the local nature which is important. Consequently, the end product of the course are Maxwell ‘s equations obtained as a result of generalization and mathematical formulation of experimentally established regularities. Consequently, the analysis is mainly based on induction. This, however, does not exclude the application of the deductive method but rather presumes the combination of the two methods of analysis in accordance with the principles of scientific perception of physical laws.

The book was translated from the Russian by Ram Wadhwa and Natalia Deineko. The book was first published by Mir Publishers in 1986.

Many thanks to Vikram V. for making this book available.

Note: Original cover was not available in hi-res, so I made a new one. Also, unlike many other of Matveev books  in this series (for example in Optics) this version of the book does not have “coloured text headings”, it might be possible some other version of this book has them. We will see Optics by Matveev sometime in future as I have a physical copy. The other two remaining volumes, namely Molecular Physics and Atomic Physics (even rarer, as supposedly only ~ 300 copies were printed in English) are as elusive as they get. If anyone has access to these please give a life back to these books.

PDF | OCR | 600 dpi | Bookmarked | Paginated | Cover | 450 Pages| 42.3 (38.3 Zipped) MB

You can get the book here and here.

Password, if needed: mirtitles

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Fundamentals of The Theory of Electricity – Tamm

Fundamentals of the Theory of Electricity is a classical 
course in electrodynamics written by Igor E. Tamm (1895-1971), 
one of the most outstanding and well-known Soviet physicists.

In this post we will see a book titled Fundamentals of The Theory of Electricity by Igor E. Tamm.


About the book:

The present book is intended for persons acquainted with differential and integral calculus and with vector algebra. The fundamentals of vector analysis are set out in the text as needed. The main object of this book is to find out the physical meaning and content of the fundamental laws and postulates of the theory of electricity. In comparison with this object, only a subordinate part is relegated to formal and logical harmony, and to a strict and ordered treatment.

Not trying to achieve completeness of discussion, I omitted even comparatively important questions if they dropped out of the general line of the exposition (for example, thermoelectric phenomena and electrolysis). On the other hand, I permitted myself to treat in somewhat greater detail than is usually the custom some questions (for example in the theory of dielectrics and magnetics). I did not set out technical applications of the theory, but tried as far as possible to prepare the reader to pass over directly to studying the applied theory of electricity.

The book was translated from the Russian by G. Leib and was first published by Mir Publishers in 1979. This is the translation of the Ninth Edition of the book.

PDF | 600dpi | Cover | OCR | Bookmarked | Paginated | 53.9 MB (48.8 Zipped) | 695 Pages

You can get the book here and here.

Note: IA file parameters may be different.

Password, if needed: mirtitles

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Electrodynamics – Novozhilov, Yappa

In this post we will see Electrodynamics by Yu. V. Novozhilov and Yu. A. Yappa.

novozhilov-yappa-electrodynamicsFrom the Preface:

This book originated from our experience in teaching electrodynamics as part of a series of lectures in theoretical physics. The lectures were read at the Leningrad State University for all students of the physics faculty, both future theoreticians and experimenters. The subject matter follows from what the students learned about electricity and magnetism in the general physics course, On the other hand, an electrodynamics course must serve as the basis for many special disciplines, such as plasma physics, propagation of radio-waves, electromagnetic methods in geophysics, the accelerator theory, and others. These factors have determined the content of this book and the manner of presentation.

In accordance with the purpose of this book, we assume that the mathematical grounding corresponds to that of a student who has completed his second year in the physics faculty of a university. This should be sufficient to understand all of the material of the book. The Appendices contain the basic facts about vector and tensor analyses, which are used throughout the book, and also some properties of the Dirac delta function.

Particular attention is paid to the application of the special theory of relativity, In Chapter 2 we briefly consider the fundamentals of special relativity, while in other sections of the book we apply this theory to specific problems. Notably, the relativistic theory of radiation by a point charge is treated in great detail. The reader more interested in non-relativistic aspects of electrodynamics can skip these sections, which are marked with asterisks.

To keep the size of the book within limits we have found it necessary to exclude the specific problems of mathematical physics that originate in electrodynamics. For the same reason the book contains no exercises. The reader can find appropriate problems on classical electrodynamics in the well-known book by V. V. Batygin and I. N. Toptygin: Problems in Electrodynamics (2nd edition, Academic Press, New York, 1978). We should also like to note that the presentation is concise and hence the material requires attentive reading. The reader is advised to do all the intermediate calculations himself.

In style and subject matter this book reflects the pedagogical principles of our teacher, Academician Vladimir A. Fock, to whom it is dedicated.

The book was translated from the Russian by V. I. Kisin and was first published by Mir Publishers in 1981, and was reprinted in 1986.

PDF | OCR | Bookmarked | Paginated | 600 dpi | 30.4 MB (27.6 MB Zipped)| Cover | 362 pages |

You can get the book here and here.

Note: IA parameters may be different.

Password, if needed: mirtitles

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