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Processus Aléatoirres Gaussiens par I. Ibrahimov; Y. Rozanov

Dans cet article, nous verrons le livre Processus Aléatoirres Gaussiens par I. Ibrahimov; Y. Rozanov. À propos du livre Le présent ouvrage est essentiellement consacré à trois problèmes que nous étudierons dans le cas des processus gaussiens stationnaires. Tout d’abord, … Continue reading

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A Simple Non-Euclidean Geometry And Its Physical Basis – Yaglom

In this post, we will see the book A simple non-Euclidean geometry and its physical basis: an elementary account of Galilean geometry and the Galilean principle of relativity by I. M. Yaglom. This book is remarkable in that it relies only on … Continue reading

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In the Search for Beauty – Smilga

In an earlier post we have seen a wonderful book on special relativity titled Relativity and Man by V. Smilga. In that post, it was pointed out another book by this wonderful author titled In theSearch for Beauty, which has … Continue reading

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