Lev Tarasov – The World is Built on Probability (LaTeX version)

In this post we will see the book Lev Tarasov’s The World is Built on Probability  in completely digital version typeset using LaTeX!

About the book

This text is divided into two major parts.
The aim of the first part is to convince the reader that the random world begins directly in his or her own living room because, in fact, all modern life is based on probability. The first part is on the concept of probability and considers making decisions in conflict situations, optimizing queues, games, and the control of various processes, and doing random searches.

The second part of this text shows how fundamental chance is in nature using the probabilistic laws of modern physics and biology as examples. Elements of quantum mechanics are also involved, and this allows the author to demonstrate how probabilistic laws are basic to microscopic phenomena. The idea is that the reader, passing from the first part of the book to the second one, would see that probability is not only around us but it is at the basis of everything.

Translated from the Russian by Michael Burov First published 1988

Revised from the 1984 Russian edition.

This completely digital version typeset in using LaTeX with EB Garamond font.

PS: In this electronic edition all the figures have been reworked in the SVG format using Inkscape for a clearer presentation. I had started this project some years back, but did not pursue it to the finish. But it is finally here. I have checked a couple of times for typos or mistakes, but I am there might be some lurking here and there, so if you find any, please leave a comment.

Next in line Irodov’s Basic Laws of Electromagnetism (finished typesetting, only images need to be recreated) and Fundamental Laws of Mechanics.

You can get the book here. (File size 1.9 MB for the book!)

Access the LaTeX project files gitlab.com/mirtitles/twibop

Some snaps from the book:




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3 Responses to Lev Tarasov – The World is Built on Probability (LaTeX version)

  1. dcr257 says:

    Thank you for presenting the book by making it accessible in Latex. In addition to the issue of probabilities, it is an example for configuring
    properly the system in projects using Latex with different files, in my case I work on an iMac Pro.


  2. jean says:

    Hi, there is a mistake in the page 17/269, the paragraph begans with the author, but it is the reader here “\athr “You wrote some nice words….” it is supposed to be this: \rdr “You wrote some nice words….”


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